LikeTelevision - The Broadband Media Network, has been streaming video content for over 10 years. We offer a large video library of movies, tv shows, cartoons, music videos and lots more. You can watch movies online free, or download higher quality video files if you decide to subscribe. Just go to the TV Channels and check out a movie, tv show, fun short films, or a cartoon. We are bound to have something for you to enjoy.

Recently, LikeTelevision has created several powerful software applications that integrate database technologies with digital video assets. LikeTelevision's Intelligent Video Access Library (IVAL), allows users to search and find specific video assets quickly and intuitively. The software can be used to catalog large video libraries for a wide range of applications including interactive education, training, medical research, customer support, and entertainment! Other LikeTelevision software applications include the award winning Video Calendar, Video Postcards, and the Time Machine game.

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