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  • Free Video Streams - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from LikeTelevision. Check out the free videos - just click the Watch It! link on the pages for movies, classic tv shows, cartoons, newsreels, music videos and more. The streams are free. If you would like to know us better - check out our LikeTelevision's Shameless Self Promotion Showcase (vol 1, vol 2). Filled with comedy bits, TV Shows, and over 50 trailers made by LikeTelevision's own resident genius - Frank Random. Vol #1, or Vol #2. Plus - here's two videos that provide a good site overview.
    Video #1 - Video #2

  • Free Downloads - LikeTelevision offers some terrific free download samples, encoded as MPEG-1 files and mobile sized avi files. The massive download library is open to subscribers only, but the free samples will make you smile. Here's a link to the free video downloads. LikeTelevision also has a massive IMAGE LIBRARY - over 15,000 images. Watch a Video Preview or get some Free Image Library samples

  • Mobile Media - LikeTelevision now offers media downloads designed for the mobile viewing. Users can enjoy massive amounts of mobile ready video files. Our favorite mobile player called a ZVUE. The video performance is superb. It plays MP3 music files and avi video files. Cost? ~ $150. Check out some free avi downloads for the ZVUE player. (you will need a ZVUE player, unless you have the HHE Codec for the avi files). Check out this cool video - new ZVUE Secret Weapon. Wanna buy a ZVUE? - click here. Better still - we offer a bundle - get a ZVUE bundled with an annual LikeTelevision subscription and save over $50 bucks. Learn more.

More Free Stuff - Video Postcards
Would you like to send a free video postcard to a friend? No problem. How about a video birthday greeting - featuring Marilyn Monroe crooning Happy Birthday to J.F.K.. Plus a bunch more!

Watch the This Day in History - Free Clips
This Day in Hollywood and This Day in History Videos for current Month can be viewed for free. (just the current month, not all year). The link is located on the front page, left column - below the Ride the Time Machine section.