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Suggestions that will help solve problems related to streaming video!

  • New Features! We just added a few new features thanks to Google Widgets. Chat with a real person! - If we are online, there will be a green light. Just click the Chat with LT's Help Desk link below, and you'll get some help from a real person.

    Here's an easy translation tool that might be helpful to our large foreign audience.

  • Help Desk - Get more fun tips at the Help Desk. Encoding for a DVD, playing it on your television, and more

  • Broadband - You'll need a broadband connection to fully take advantage of LikeTelevision's Video Library. Some examples of a broadband Internet connection include: Cable Modems, DSL, Satellite, T-1 and beyond.

  • Computer Power - Intel Pentium III, AMD Athlon, Apple G4 or better processor. Newer Intel, AMD and Apple G4 computers are optimized for broadband applications. A high speed video card with up-to-date video drivers is also recommended.

  • FlashPlayer - LikeTelevision's Streaming Video Library is encoded for Flash & RealPlayer. The Flash Player is available free from Adobe, for Windows, Mac, Linux and other UNIX platforms.

  • RealPlayer - LikeTelevision's Streaming Video Library is encoded for Flash & RealPlayer. RealPlayer is available free for Windows, Mac, Linux and other UNIX platforms.

Internet Explorer - Known Issues
In some versions of Internet Explorer, a bug in the browser does not pass the correct information to the video server. As such, a valid basic or premium member will get the "not a member" playlist, instead of the requested content. This problem is simple to fix by updating Internet Explorer. Get an update HERE. LikeTelevision works great in Firefox.

Cookies and Your Computer's Date Setting
When you Login to your LikeTelevision membership, a cookie is set that enables you to access the site. If your computer's date is not set correctly, you will not be logged in properly. You can correct the date very easily in Windows. Simply double click the "clock" in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, then set the date correctly!

It wants to download a PHP file
In some older versions of browser software, a php file is not properly associated to open in your broswer software. A simple browser update is all that is needed. In case you are curious, a php file is just a simple text file, a lot like an html file, only it can do more stuff. Just associate php files with your browser (in Windows Explorer -> Tools -> Options -> File Types - select open with IE, Firefox, or whatever your browser is. Or get the browser update, that usually solves the porblem.

Browser Cache
Internet Explorer sometimes has problems when launching videos. The problem can be corrected by emptying and adjusting your cache settings.

  1. On the Internet Explorer top menu, click "Tools" then "Internet Options". The "Internet Options" can also be found under the "View" menu in older versions of Internet Explorer and also in the Windows Control Panel.

  2. Under "Temporary Internet Files", click "Delete Files" and click "OK". Then click "Settings"

  3. On the "Settings" menu, click the "Every visit to the page" check box

  4. Click "OK" twice to exit the "Internet Options" then reboot your computer!

RealPlayer HELP

Check out RealPlayer's Support Pages for FAQ's and solutions.

How to Cancel
Here's link with instructions on How to cancel. Please see the Terms and Agreement conditions for full details.


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