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1. Get Christie Love

Description: Get Christie Love - a 1970s funky action drama about a kick butt police woman, played by Teresa Graves is a classic, and has a spot in the history of movies. The movie morphed into a short-lived TV series of the same name and Teresa Graves was the first black woman on TV to star in an hour long show. By today's hypercritical PC insanity - this movie could be viewed as racist. There are some stereotyping incidents and other things that will make you roll your eyes - and yes - they use the N word. At the same time - Christie Love is a heroine - and a tough, karate kicking Mamma Jamma. The TV show played opposite another classic female cop drama - Police Woman, starring Angie Dickinson. Lots of channel flipping times, yes they were.

2. Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler

Description: This is a FUN movie - The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler is a 1971 thriller - about a powerful committee that controls a secret medical program, where Dr. Redding grows human livestock, and inserts the DNA code of powerful world leaders and businessmen. These back-up clones are used organ transplants. Meanwhile, a snoopy tv reporter (Nielsen) starts nosing around and threatens to blow the whistle. Very interesting to see how people thought about cloning, stem cells and the medical ethics of DNA technology - when it was all just science fiction!

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