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1. Arrested Development - Bringing Up Buster

Description: Bringing Up Buster aired in November 2003, season 1, episode 3. Buster, a total mama's boy, leaves his mother and moves in with Michael. George-Michael wants to join the play hoping to steal a kiss from Maeby, but when Tobias becomes director, everything falls apart.

2. Arrested Development - Charity Drive

Description: Liza Minnelli guest stars as Lucille's arch rival, named Lucille Austero. Who will Buster buy at the charity auction? episode 5, season 1 aired November 30, 2003.

3. Arrested Development - In God We Trust

Description: It's time for the annual Living Classics Pageant and Barry tries to make a deal with Michael to get George Sr. out in time for the pageant. Guest stars Henry Winkler as Barry Zuckerkorn the family attorrney. Liza Minnelli as Lucille Austero, Patricia Velasquez as Marta Estrella, episode 7, season 1 aired December 14, 2003

4. Arrested Development - Key Decisions

Description: Key Decisions aired November 23, episode 4, seaason 1. Marta, GOB's girlfriend the actress is doing well, so GOB has to do it one better. He decides to break out of the Orange County Prison where his dad, George Sr. is in jail. Meanwhile, Michael falls for Marta. Where's the brotherly love?

5. Arrested Development - Marta Complex

Description: MIchael is even more enamored with Marta, his brother GOB's girlfriend and he hopes to get closer to her. But then GOB asks Michael for help, because he thinks Marta is seeing another man, named Hermano. But Hermano is not another man, it is the Spanish word for brother, and as you might imagine, there's a lot of confusion going on. Meanwhile, George Sr. is trying to sell his self help videotapes on prison peace of mind. Very funny episode..

6. Arrested Development - My Mother the Car

Description: Lindsay gets upset when none of the inmates in prison seem to notice her when she visits her dad in the slammer. So she keeps going for a sleazier look with each new visit. The she learns that her antics are causing her dad to have to pay off some prisoners who are hurling insults at his daughter.

7. Arrested Development - Pier Pressure

Description: Lucille II is having some nausea problems, so Buster thinks she should get some marijuana to help her feel better. So, he asks his nephew, George-Michael to score him some weed at the carnival where he works at the banana stand. We learn about the one-armed man George Sr. liked to hire to help teach his kids a lesson. Michael decides he needs to teach his son a lesson, and hires some stripper cops to bust the drug deal. But guess what, things don't work out like they planned.

8. Arrested Development - Pilot

Description: The pilot for Arrested Development aired on November 2, 2003. Michael Bluth thinks he's the heir apparent for his dad's company, but then he gives the company to his wife, and gets arrested for shady accounting, and graft.

9. Arrested Development - Public Relations

Description: Michael decides to hire a public relations professional to help clean up the family's tarnished image. Besides his father getting arrested and going to jail, it seems his mom got in a brawl at a restaurant with Lindsay. Jessie, the PR lady thinks the whole family is a mess and tells everyone what they need to do to clean up their act. For instance, Tobias is told to give up acting, get on a plane, and get his doctor's license reinstated. On the way to LAX airport, he meets Carl Weathers, who offers to give him acting lessons.

10. Arrested Development - Storming the Castle

Description: Michael becomes enamored with Marta, his brother GOB's girlfriend. He also learns that GOB has been unfaithful to Marta, and was having an affair with the woman who plays in the legs part in the magicians saw the lady in half trick. So Michael decides to do something evil, and tries to get Marta to be the head part of the trick, thinking Marta will figure out the infidelity, and leave GOB, and give Michael a chance to pursue his brother's girlfriend. Things never work out the way they are planned.

11. Arrested Development - Top Banana

Description: Top Banana aired on November 9, 2003 and was a twisted follow-up to an intriguing pilot. Dad is trying to run the business from jail, and Grandpa Bluth's old banana stand burns to the ground.

12. Arrested Development - Visiting Ours

Description: Michael tries to find out more information on Bluth's international accounts. He tries all kinds of ways to get the info, including setting up a conjugal visit with George Sr. and his wife, Lucille. episode 6, season 1 aired December 7, 2003

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