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1. Barbie - A Short Video History

Description: The classic doll from Mattel stars in a series of toy commercials from the 60's and 70's. Watch each one or see the whole 8 episode mini-feature!

2. Barbie by Mattel

Description: Barbie - the most successful doll in the world by Mattel. And here it is - the original commercial, complete with the vintage “Barbie“ theme song... “Barbie, beautiful, Barbie“!

3. Barbie Dream House by Mattel

Description: Barbie - now she has her own “Dream House“ - and it looks like Barbie is watching LikeTelevision. Dig that avocado green accent. Barbie's Dream House folded up real neatly - and Mom's liked that!

4. Barbie Infomercial 1972 by Mattel

Description: This infomercial of Barbie was targeted for toy retailers selling the doll and her clothes. A new low priced line is introduced to stem the flow of cheaper wardrobes flooding the market. Plus - a special record with a Barbie. Is that a young Eve Plumb? (Jan Brady in the Brady Bunch) or just a look alike? Plus - listen close - you can pose her to bend over to serve lemonade to Ken? YIKES!

5. Barbie Meets Ken by Mattel

Description: Barbie - the famous teenage fashion model meets that suave frat. brother - Ken. Think of the fun your have taking Barbie and Ken out on dates - and see where the Romance leads!

6. Barbie Mix 'n Match by Mattel

Description: Barbie - with her Mix and Match outfits. Heck, even Ken has his own wardrobe. You'll be dressing and undressing these toys for hours - but make sure their fashion statement is appropriate and groovy!

7. Barbie Pool Party by Mattel

Description: Barbie's Pool Party from Mattel. Splash in the above ground pool with Barbie, Ken and friends. While you're at it, make sure you arrive in Malibu Barbie's Country Camper.

8. Barbie's Little Theater by Mattel

Description: It's Barbie and Ken's Little Theater - can you feel the excitement! Have Barbie play Little Red Riding Hood - and guess who the Wolf is! Really groovy thesbian experience!

9. Classic TV Commercials - Coke

Description: Check out this classic tv commercial for Coke - from the Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet tv show. Ozzie is trying to grill some steaks on the Barbie - but gets everyone's order wrong. Thank goodness HArriet comes in with a refreshing soft drink - and not just any soda.... she gives her guests - Coke, the real thing. If you a fan of coca cola - you'll love this classic. It features the Nelsons and Frank Cady, best known as Sam Drucker from Green Acres.

10. Malibu Barbie Country Camper by Mattel

Description: Malibu Barbie Country Camper, complete with a terrific song - this remains one of the most compelling 30 secs of drama ever made. Well - it is pretty cool anyway!

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