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1. Bugs Bunny - All This and Rabbit Stew

Description: Bugs Bunny is fighting for his life as a hunter is stalking Bugs for meat in his rabbit stew. Of course, Bugs proves to be a difficult catch and makes life miserable for the hunter. WARNING: The cartoon contains idiotic racist stereotyping. Our apologies, we present it as a piece of history.

2. Bugs Bunny - Buy U.S. Bonds

Description: Another classic tale - Bugs encourages all takers to Buy U.S. Bonds. The cartoon was made during the war to help with the national effort to sell U.S. bonds and finance the WWII!

3. Bugs Bunny - Case of the Missing Hare

Description: Bugs Bunny is gets mad when a magician posts his bill over the door to Bug's house in a tree. When the bully pushes Bugs around - Bugs shows him a thing or two. A classic tale of magic and animation!

4. Bugs Bunny - Falling Hare

Description: Another classic war era Bugs toon. In this one, Bugs faces off with a gremlin who is spooking the plane. In the end it seems all is lost ... air brakes? or will they run out of gas?

5. Bugs Bunny - Fresh Hare

Description: Another classic tale - Bugs is wanted by the Canadian Mounties, and Elmer Fudd, as one of the Mounties' finest, comes to bring in their man, I mean Wabbit. Video no longer offered.

6. Bugs Bunny - Wabbit Who Came to Supper

Description: Another classic tale - Just as Bugs is cornered, Elmer Fudd learns that he has inherited a fortune - as long as he doesn't hurt any animals. So Bugs invites himself home and makes a nuisance of himself.

7. Bugs Bunny - Wackiki Wabbit

Description: Bugs Bunny is on a deserted island with 2 very hungry castaways. When they see Bugs - they see a fantastic meal. As you might imagine - Bugs doesn't make it easy for them to enjoy him for dinner. One of the guys is fat - the other skinny. This toon features the classic ending where one looks like a hamburger and the other looks like a hot dog.

8. Bugs Bunny - Wacky Wabbit

Description: Another classic tale - Elmer Fudd is out looking for gold, when he meets up with a crazy bundle of fluff, a.k.a. Bugs Bunny. Watch Bugs drive old Elmer crazy! Video no longer offered.

9. Day at the Zoo

Description: Another classic tale - A Day at the Zoo. We get a tour of the zoo with all the wonderful animals. Also tells the story of the kid who kept bothering the lion. Video no longer offered.

10. Music Videos from WWII

Description: This video is compiled from assorted WWII USO shows and assorted period film from World War II. The movie includes: Benny Goodman, Peggy Lee, The Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Lena Horne, and Judy Garland. Some great music with the top entertainers of the day “hoofin' it“ for Uncle Sam.

11. Tale of Two Kitties

Description: Another classic tale - A feline comedy duo of Abbott and Costello try to catch a little birdie for breakfast. But this birdie has a strong sense of survival! -Warning - contains images of improper use of firearms.

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