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1. Daffy Duck - A Coy Decoy

Description: Daffy Duck is fooled by a sexy decoy made by the wolf to lure him into a trap. Of course, Daffy is fooled, but the decoy really works great - umm... much better than expected!

2. Daffy Duck - Daffy and The Dinosaur

Description: Daffy Duck is the object of Casper Caveman's interest - because he's hungry. Casper goes off on the hunt with his trusty dinosaur. A classic prehistoric tale!

3. Daffy Duck - Daffy Duckaroo

Description: Daffy Duck tries to woo an Indian princess but has to contend with her huge Indian Brave boyfriend. Politically incorrect with racial stereotyping - our apologies. We present this as a piece of history.

4. Daffy Duck - Daffy's Southern Exposure

Description: Daffy Duck decides to stay in the north for the winter - and the pond freezes. He comes upon a house with a wolf and a weasel ready to fatten him up for thier supper.

5. Daffy Duck - Ducktators

Description: In this bizarre cartoon, Hitler, Musselini, and Tojo are all lampooned in this wartime era animation. (I think the US gov't funded part of it, if not all of it). WARNING: Racial stereotyping abounds in this weird duck tale from the days of yore. We present it as a piece of history.

6. Daffy Duck - Henpecked Duck

Description: Daffy Duck tries a magic trick with an egg (his child to be) and the egg disappears for good. Mrs. Daffy has had it and files for divorce. Watch the tense court room drama!

7. Daffy Duck - Scrap Happy Daffy

Description: Daffy Duck is leading the charge to save scrap metal for war effort (WWII). Meanwhile - the Nazis are out to foil his plan - when Daffy turns into a super hero and save the day!

8. Daffy Duck - To Duck or Not to Duck

Description: Daffy Duck challenges Elmer Fudd to a fair fight in the ring. So the toons don their boxing gloves and duke it out. Lots of great slugging action!

9. Daffy Duck - Yankee Doodle Daffy

Description: Daffy Duck wants to audition his little kid to the big producer of Smeller Productions (Porky), but Porky has to catch a plane for an important meeting. So Daffy gets pushy!

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