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1. Brain That Wouldn't Die, The

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - The Brain That Wouldn't Die, (a.k.a. the Head that Wouldn't Die) a science fiction classic from 1962 and perhaps one of the worst films ever made. Which is why it is so AWESOME! Folks, this is Ed Wood, Plan Nine from Outer Space bad... a true horror movie in so many ways. A pompous windbag doctor named Bill Cortner gets in a car accident with his girlfriend. She loses her head (i.e. decapitated).. but Bill doesn't. Why - he's gonna find a sweet young girl's body and transplant it on the head of his girlfriend. Trust me - this movie is a real whopper and lots of fun.

2. Halloween ScreamFest 2008

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents the 9th annual Halloween ScreamFest. Time again for another Streaming, Screaming Halloween Film Festival! If you enjoy horror films, scary tv shows, or videos of weird psychic phenomena of of the unknown - we got some mean and nasty witches, a myriad of monsters, and a voluminous viscous vat of vapid vampires. A Zillion Zombies? Not quite a zillion maybe, but they are good ones. We rattled some skeletons in the closet and pulled out the Preview Trailer from the debut ScreamFest in 2000. We made a Top 10 Viewer's Choice, a Silent Horror Classics video library, and over 30 suggested titles, which are displayed randomly as images on the top right banner. (refresh the page, another suggestion via a roll of the dice. Here's more suggestions - Ouija Board episode from One Step Beyond, Beverly Hillbilies Trick or Treat, or take in some Casper the Friendly Ghost.,

3. Jail Bait

Description: Jail Bait was made in 1954, a year after the cult classic - Glen or Glenda, which starred Ed Wood as a transvestite who liked angora sweaters. And it stars many of the same thesbians including Lyle Talbot as Inspector Johns and Dolores Fuller as Marilyn Gregor. This film also stars Steve Reeves (best known for his role as Hercules) in his first speaking part.

4. Last Man on Earth, The

Description: The Last Man on Earth was origianlly released in Italy as L'Ultimo uomo della Terra, and later redubbed in English as The Last Man on Earth. Starring Vincent Price, this is a terrific movie from 1964 based on Richard Matheson's classic Sc-Fi novel, I am Legend. A deadly virus (actually a bacillus, a rod shaped bacterium - like Bacillus anthracis, a.k.a. Anthrax) destroys most of the human population, turning people into horrible vampire zombie creatures who feed off of human blood. Vincent Price is a scientist trying to stay alive. He searches for a cure, destroys the monsters, and finds himself as the last real man on Earth. This film clearly inspired George Romero who directed the classic - Night of the Living Dead. In addition, Matheson's I am Legend was also the inspiration for Omega Man, with Charleton Heston. There is also a rumor of a remake of this classic, but the original will be hard to beat. We loved this film, and bet you will too!

5. She Demons

Description: She Demons is a classic 50's sci-fi movie, a B movie, where B is for BAD. A nazi colonel is performing horrible experiments on beautiful women, trying to help his wife get her face back, after she was disfigured in a lab accident years ago. A hurricane brings some new guests to the island, who learn the truth about the evil scientist and his experimentson women. This movie reaches for new lows in poor writing, acting, and production - which of course is why it is so cool. While not as bad as some Ed Wood masterpieces - it does approach this level of lameness. See if you don't agree. Best viewed by those with time on their hands.

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