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1. Are You Popular - Random's Cut

Description: LikeTelevision™ presents - another bizarre entry in a class of films we call - Funky Shorts. And oh my - this one surely is. Frank Random, LikeTelevision's creative caveman, put this one together, combining snippets of a 1948 US Government Health Film called - Are You Popular - and another decades old gem called - Co-Ed Secrets. Are You Popular is a How to film of dating do's and don'ts for teens - and Co-Ed Secrets is a creepy 1950's Frat House film. While there's no nudity, it is still quite disturbing, at least to this uptight midwesterner. So move over Sergei Eisenstein ... and check out the wonders of montage, Frank Random style. Caution - this might be disturbing to some viewers. Best for adults with a well-baked sense of irony.

2. Ballet Mecanique

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents Fernand Leger's remarkable 1924 short film Ballet Mechanique. Fernand Leger was one of the greatest French Cubist painters (do a google image search of his name) and a contemporary of Pablo Picasso. In the early days of film as an artform, Leger created this masterpiece - which is landmark film in the development of montage, a cinematic tool that juxtiposes two or more images to infer related ideas or events. The best known example is Sergei Eisenstein's scene from Battleship Potemkin - the Odessa Steps segment with the baby carriage rolling down the steps and the mother's eyeglasses - made a year after this film.

3. Battleship Potemkin

Description: This silent classic by Russian master director Sergei Eisenstein is part of film legend. Countless directors have made reference to the scene in the Odessa Steps with the baby carriage. So if you don't know who Eisenstein is - brush up on your history and watch this classic from the beginning of “film time“. Every great director knows who Eisenstein is and his incredible contribution to the growth of film as an artistic medium. (see part 4 - montage) Make sure you watch this landmark film about the 1905 revolution.

4. October

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents October - directed by Sergei EEisenstein, a master filmaker in the early days of the medium. The film is a historical account of the Russian Revolution in October 25, 1917. Originally, this film was silent - music was added later by Sergei's assisant, Grigori Aleksandrov.

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