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1. G.I. Joe Adventure Team by Hasbro - Helicopter

Description: G.I. Joe with the G.I. Joe Adventure Team Helicopter - features one of the greatest “theme“ songs ever. What emotion, what heart. Go get 'em Joe!

2. G.I. Joe Adventure Team by Hasbro - Mummy's Tomb

Description: The G.I. Joe Adventure team has their hands full with this one - The secret of the Mummy's Tomb. Joe and his team of mercenaries desecrate the tomb of an ancient Egyptian king, often many times in one day!

3. G.I. Joe Adventure Team by Hasbro - Stolen Idol

Description: The G.I. Joe Adventure Team search for the stolen Idol. Watch out for that nasty cobra - ooooh I'm scared. Must have seen this one a few thousand times as a kid. You'll love it!

4. G.I. Joe by Hasbro

Description: G.I. Joe - the original fighting song commercial. Real looking uniforms! - Joe's a Navy Seal, or a US Marine. All kinds of fashion acessories. This one's a classic!

5. Happy Birthday Robert Mitchum

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in Hollywood - August 6!

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