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1. Gumby - Gold Rush Gumby

Description: Gumby looking for gold and Pokey is worried about the Indians. When the Indians come - the Chief is in a bad mood with a nasty toothache!

2. Gumby - Gumbasia

Description: Gumbasia is the Art Clokey Tour De' Claymation. You will be dazzled beyond all of your clay fantasies.

3. Gumby - Gumby Concerto

Description: Gumby's back with Too and Loo in a trip back to Music Land to have some musical fun! Music Land is an incredible place!

4. Gumby - Mysterious Fires

Description: Gumby meets a knight who would like to borrow his firetruck. It seems something is starting mysterious fires in the kingdom. Gumby to the rescue!

5. Gumby - Robot Rumpus

Description: Gumby and Pokey borrow some robots to do Gumby's chores. Sounds like a good idea till they ruin the house. Features Gumby's Mom and Dad!

6. Gumby - Stuck on Books

Description: Gumby and Pokey want to play play inside a book - but their dog, Nopey is afraid he'll get stuck inside. See how Gumby and Pokey get him out!

7. Gumby - Too Loo

Description: Too and Loo escape from the mean “Sour Note“. Gumby helps Too and Loo find their “home“ instrument in Music Land.

8. Gumby - Tricky Train

Description: Gumby get a bunch of boxes from the toy factory. One of the boxes has a wild train in it with a mind of his own!

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