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1. Blythe by Kenner

Description: Beautiful Blythe by Kenner is so HOT! Madonna has one! So do all the beautiful people. A primo 1972 Blythe can sell for thousands of dollars on eBay - so what is so hot about the star's favorite doll from yesteryear, Blythe? Oh my- what a newby question! Beautiful Blythe was a doll that could change her eyes for you! Quick as a wink, her eyes change color - complete with a snazzy song that kinda sounds like David Clayton Thomas of Blood, Sweat and Tears! And now you can check out the original TV commercial for a the superHot Doll of the moment - beautiful Blythe.

2. GabbaGail by Kenner

Description: GabbaGail, a talking doll from Kenner. Raise her arm to record, lower it to play. (now available using MP3 with auto submission into Napster!) The young actress looks like the same girl in “Don't Blow Your Top“ game.

3. Ice Bird by Kenner

Description: Ice Bird by Kenner! Ice Bird, Ice Bird - you're such a nice bird, let's make ice bird treat! This toy make shaved ice by planing a large block of ice you froze yourself. (see Frosty Sno-Man for another variety of sno-cone maker for kids)

4. Screaming Demons by Kenner

Description: Screaming Demons - a cool motorcycle stunt set with ramps. Catch some major air and dig that catchy song - Screaming Demons... Tearing up the road!

5. Screen-a-Show by Kenner

Description: Screen-a-Show from Kenner gives you little projector on the go (the equivalent of PowerPoint in it's day). Sabrina, Archie! It has 5 slide shows! Holy Cow!

6. Smash Up Derby by Kenner

Description: Smash Up Derby Set from Kenner. Smash Up Derby is one of the greatest of all time - great song, stock footage of smash up derby and kids wrecking their cars. Comes with everything you see right 'cheer!

7. Snoopy Pencil Sharpener by Kenner

Description: Whoa - a Snoopy Pencil Sharpener - great commercial with Tom Bosley voice-over. Good grief - Life will never be the same! - very cool piano noodling too!

8. SSP PeeWees by Kenner

Description: SSP PeeWees from Kenner. Same 'ol SSP's, but smaller scale for your little brother. Smaller cars with smaller T-Sticks - but still had that SSP “roar“!

9. SSP Racers 1971 by Kenner

Description: Kenner's SSP Racers. Complete with the T-stick and makes them vroooom! These cars would fly if you got a good pull with your T-stick!

10. SSP Racers 1972 by Kenner

Description: SSP Racers for 1972 from Kenner. Ram-Jet, Hustlin' Hoss, Deuces Wild, Skorpian - I got a new one... So do I! Killer stuff - break out your T-stick and let it fly!

11. Zip Rods by Kenner

Description: Zip Rods - cars programmed for distance or to skid out - you control it. No batteries required! Super mondo controls, options and style points! Zip-Rods!

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