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1. Beverly Hillbillies - Girl From Home

Description: LikeTelevision™ Fans - this episode - Girl From Home - is classic Clampetts with Peter Whitley as Lafe Crick. Lazy, no good Lafe Crick comes to the Clampett mansion to get his daughter married off to Jethro (and get a piece of Jed's 40 million). Seems Jethro wrote letters that were a little too friendly. Essibelle Crick, played by Muriel Landers used to be one of pretty girls back home - but it seems she put on a few. Lots of laughs. Highly recommended!

2. Beverly Hillbillies - Lafe Crick

Description: LikeTelevision™ Fans - this episode - Lafe Crick - features Peter Whitney the low-down, no good, lazy good-for-nothing Lafe Crick. Granny just can't stand this guy.

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