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1. Little Lulu - Bout With A Trout

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel brings you - Bout With A Trout - classic Little LuLu. She decides to listen to the “devil“, skip school and go fishing. Then she bumps her head and has a terrible nightmare, complete with “Swinging On A Star“ - or would you rather be a fish?

2. Little Lulu - Cad and Caddy

Description: Another classic from Famous Studios - Cad and Caddy, starring Little LuLu who offers to caddy for a lollipop. The mean guy has a terrible round and tries to stiff her! A great cartoon!

3. Seapreme Court

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel proudly presents - The Seapreme Court starring Little Audrey, who falls asleep while she is fishing.. and then finds herself on trial underneath the sea - where the judge, jury and witnesses are all fish. An interesting view of legal trials and courtroom drama from a fishy perspective. Oh no! - Will Little Audrey get the Eel-ectric chair? Also, check out Isabelle in The Land of Lost Jewels for a very similar story with Red Lantern. Also similar, Little LuLu in Bout with a Trout.

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