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1. Barbie - A Short Video History

Description: The classic doll from Mattel stars in a series of toy commercials from the 60's and 70's. Watch each one or see the whole 8 episode mini-feature!

2. Barbie by Mattel

Description: Barbie - the most successful doll in the world by Mattel. And here it is - the original commercial, complete with the vintage “Barbie“ theme song... “Barbie, beautiful, Barbie“!

3. Barbie Dream House by Mattel

Description: Barbie - now she has her own “Dream House“ - and it looks like Barbie is watching LikeTelevision. Dig that avocado green accent. Barbie's Dream House folded up real neatly - and Mom's liked that!

4. Barbie Infomercial 1972 by Mattel

Description: This infomercial of Barbie was targeted for toy retailers selling the doll and her clothes. A new low priced line is introduced to stem the flow of cheaper wardrobes flooding the market. Plus - a special record with a Barbie. Is that a young Eve Plumb? (Jan Brady in the Brady Bunch) or just a look alike? Plus - listen close - you can pose her to bend over to serve lemonade to Ken? YIKES!

5. Barbie Meets Ken by Mattel

Description: Barbie - the famous teenage fashion model meets that suave frat. brother - Ken. Think of the fun your have taking Barbie and Ken out on dates - and see where the Romance leads!

6. Barbie Mix 'n Match by Mattel

Description: Barbie - with her Mix and Match outfits. Heck, even Ken has his own wardrobe. You'll be dressing and undressing these toys for hours - but make sure their fashion statement is appropriate and groovy!

7. Barbie Pool Party by Mattel

Description: Barbie's Pool Party from Mattel. Splash in the above ground pool with Barbie, Ken and friends. While you're at it, make sure you arrive in Malibu Barbie's Country Camper.

8. Barbie's Little Theater by Mattel

Description: It's Barbie and Ken's Little Theater - can you feel the excitement! Have Barbie play Little Red Riding Hood - and guess who the Wolf is! Really groovy thesbian experience!

9. Beany Copter by Mattel

Description: It's the original toy for nerds - The Beany Copter by Mattel - the hat with the propellor on top... boing... boing. Wind it up and out it on - comes with two blades!

10. Big Jim's Sports Camper by Mattel

Description: Big Jim's Sports Camper from Mattel. Also, get his bass fishing buddy - Big Josh. Super macho revved up Sports Camper (too early for Eddie Bauer interior). This is a hoot!

11. Chatty Cathy by Mattel

Description: Chatty Cathy dolls by Mattel - Just pull on Chatty Cathy's ring - why, you'll never know what she would say! But you have a pretty good guess - it used a little vinyl disc for audio samples!

12. Chatty Dolls by Mattel

Description: It's a whole family of Chatty Dolls - Chatty Cathy, Chatty Baby, and more. Look closely at the beginning - we think that's Maureen McCormick of the Brady Bunch as the young girl with Chatty Cathy!

13. Creepy Crawlers by Mattel

Description: Make Creepy Crawlers with your Thingmaker from Mattel. Made for boys - check out the flower thingmaker for girls! In a few years we get - incredible edibles!

14. Dick Tracy SnubNose & TommyBurst by Mattel

Description: It's a Dick Tracy SnubNose 38 revolver - just for kids. Need more firepower - hey man, get the TommyBurst, your own sub-machine gun. Yep - that's Billy Mumy from Lost in Space as the Kid!

15. Farbs by Mattel

Description: Farbs by Mattel! The Farbs - part man, part machine - these funky cars looked like a guy with an engine on his lap. Race 'em, collect 'em or just sell 'em on E-Bay.

16. Fun Flower Maker by Mattel

Description: Fun Flower Maker from Mattel. Fun Flowers - Because girls couldn't dig those groovy “Creepy Crawlers“, Mattel made this gender specific toy for making rubbery stuff. The Fun Flower Maker!

17. Gripper by Mattel

Description: The Gripper - a funky and tricky ball that also had a custom paddle set. Really nifty 70's music in the background!

18. Liddle Kiddles by Mattel

Description: Liddle Kiddles by Mattel! Liddle Kiddles - in perfume bottles! Kiddle colognes for girls, these little dolls come with their own “musk“. You can tell by the smell - it's Mattel!

19. Magnetel by Mattel

Description: Magnetel, a bunch of board games using cues, pucks and a magnetic board. Flip it over - and there's even more games, including pool (using the pucks). Ten games in all!

20. Major Matt Mason by Mattel

Description: Major Matt Mason - an action figure from Mattel. Major Matt Mason - Mattel's man in space. Get the space station, moon walker and more! (items sold separately, batteries not included). See one of the first astronaut action figures for guys!

21. Malibu Barbie Country Camper by Mattel

Description: Malibu Barbie Country Camper, complete with a terrific song - this remains one of the most compelling 30 secs of drama ever made. Well - it is pretty cool anyway!

22. Matty, Belle, & Casper by Mattel - Version one

Description: Matty Mattel, Sister Belle, and Casper - talking dolls by Mattel - Each one says eleven phrases, so you'll never know what they're going to say - no really!

23. Matty, Belle, & Casper by Mattel - Version two

Description: Matty Mattel, Sister Belle, and Casper - talking dolls by Mattel - Each one says eleven phrases, so you'll never know what they're going to say - no really!

24. Sculpt-Sure Craft Kits by Mattel

Description: Sculpt-Sure Craft Kits from Mattel. Make your own clay dog or horse's head. Look Mom what I made! Oh my - who thought this one up?

25. Snoopy Ice Hockey by Mattel

Description: Snoopy Ice Hockey by Mattel! The Snoopy Ice Hockey game - you put it together - just snap it, no paint no glue, no waiting around. Woodstock and Snoopy go head to head in this early hockey game!

26. Talking Animals by Mattel

Description: It's a whole family of talking animals! With Larry Lion and Crackers, the talking parrot. Just pull the string - you'll never know what they're going to say! Features Johnny Whitaker who played Jody on Family Affair and another famous actress (Someone knew her name and posted it on the Message Board below!)

27. Talking Dolls by Mattel

Description: It's a shorty commercial for Mattel's talking hand puppets, talking animals and talking dolls. Just pull the string - you'll never know what they'll say!

28. Tight Squeeze by Mattel

Description: Tight Squeeze the groovy new game from Mattel! Any party's a better party with Tight Squeeze! Turns any gathering into a swinging party. Couple's try to squeeze through the belt - better bring your certs. Look closely - that's Hal Smith (Otis on Andy Griffith)

29. Varoom by Mattel

Description: It's Varoom - a battery powered noisy “motor“ on a bicycle. Complete with a throttle so you could make it go Vrrrrroom. A very hot toy in its day!

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