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1. Bash by Milton Bradley

Description: Bash - a game that was a lot like Jinga - only you used a little plastic hammer to “bash“ disks from this guys long neck. Oh it's Bash, Bash, a great new Milton Bradley game!

2. Battleboard by Milton Bradley

Description: Battleboard from Milton Bradley. Battleboard, a game of strategy, skill and luck. Use the process of elimination to blow up your opponent. Vintage fun game!

3. Battleship by Milton Bradley

Description: Battleship from Milton Bradley. Strategy game with round and white pegs. It's a hit - Oh No! You sunk my battleship! (but that 2 man sub could be hidden well) Vintage fun game!

4. Camp Granada by Milton Bradley

Description: Whoa - too cool! The Camp Granada game from Milton Bradley. Features the author of the popular song Alan Sherman doing a takeoff on his hilarious song, Camp Granada!

5. Candy Land by Milton Bradley

Description: Candy Land - the classic kid's game from Milton Bradley - take your gingerbread man through Peppermint Forest or Gumdrop Mountain - first one through Candy Land wins!

6. Ice Cube Game by Milton Bradley

Description: The Ice Cube Game from Milton Bradley uses ice cubes with hot washers, warm water soaks, and other silliness. “Sounds messy to me“ said most Moms - oh well. Fun commercial!

7. Mystery Date by Milton Bradley

Description: Mystery Date - the thrilling game of Romance and Adventure from Milton Bradley. Made just for girls - you could end up with some suave dude in a white dinner jacket or God forbid - the plumber! hilarious - and a classic cult theme song takes it over the top.

8. Pow & Wow by Milton Bradley

Description: Pow! a game for boys shooting cannon balls and knocking down the other guys men. For girls - Wow! - same thing - only it's a pillow fight. What a hoot!

9. Swivel by Milton Bradley

Description: Swivel from Milton Bradley! A really groovy game - put on this wild belt and swivel with your team to knock down plastic bowling pins! For swingers only, baby!

10. Twister by Milton Bradley

Description: Twister here's the original cool commercial for that groovy game from Milton Bradley! Check out the song you might just be humming in your head. Spin the spinner and call the shots!

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