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1. Addams Family, The - Lurch's Grand Romance

Description: The quirky Addams family was a favorite of every challenged family back in the sixties. In this episode, Lurch falls in love when Morticia's old school buddy, Tiny Trivia, comes to visit. The big guy is just goo goo eyed in love with the girl. But too bad for Lurch, the little starlet has no time or interest in a Monster sized butler like Lurch.

2. Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet - Maid of Honor

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents another terrific episode from the Nelson Family. Rick's fraternity brother Jimmy is getting married and Rick thinks his girlfriend is getting ideas about putting the ball and chain on him. Boy - is he in for a surprise. Also features Ricky singing - I will follow you - which sure sounds like the classic Leslie Gore tune, I will follow him. And yes.... that is James Burton, studio guitar Monster yielding the axe. He used to do work for Elvis Presley as well. Jimmy Hawkins plays Jimmy.

3. Africa Screams

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Africa Screams! Abbott and Costello go to Africa with animal trainer, circus star Clyde Beatty. The boys are out to get rich on some diamonds - but they get mixed up with bad guys - including former heavyweight champ Max Baer, father of Jethro (Beverly Hillbillies). Lots of lions, trouble, and even a gorilla!

4. All's Fair At The Fair

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel brings you - All's Fair At The Fair - a classic cartoon about a World's Fair in it's glory days. These Fair's were Monster events that highlighted new technology and electro-mechanical innovations. A classic look into the future from 50 years ago.

5. Attack of the Giant Leeches, The

Description: The LikeTelevision™ movie channel is proud to present The Attack of the Giant Leeches, also known as The Attack of the Bloody Leeches. One of the most ridiculous low budget horror gems in the history of film, the Monster(s) is some guy dressed in a super fake suit that looks plain silly. Add a few southern bubba poacher types, a game warden, an annoying sheriff, a wandering wife - and you have the formula for confused plot. Loads of fun.

6. Baby Huey in Quack-A-Doodle-Doo

Description: The LikeTelevision™ cartoon channel presents Baby Huey in Quack-A-Doodle-Doo. This cartoon is a classic - as it features the birth of the Monster sized Baby Huey. Of course his first words are - I'm Hungry! All the other ducks laugh at Huey's mama, and they call Huey a Pig, until he saves the day and protects the birds from the evil fox.

7. Big Shot by Marx

Description: Big Shot - a huge cannon gun by Marx. Complete with a Monster six wheel rocket launcher truck. Complete with its own rubber missles. A cool toy made just for little boys who wanted to be soldiers!

8. Black Pit of Dr. M. - Classic Sci-Fi Trailers

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Sci-Fi channel brings you - Black Pit of Dr. M. A classic campy sci-fi trailer masterpiece from the glory days of B-movie Monsters in the 50's. You'll enjoy the part where the lady dumps acid on the guy's face!

9. Brain That Wouldn't Die, The

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - The Brain That Wouldn't Die, (a.k.a. the Head that Wouldn't Die) a science fiction classic from 1962 and perhaps one of the worst films ever made. Which is why it is so AWESOME! Folks, this is Ed Wood, Plan Nine from Outer Space bad... a true horror movie in so many ways. A pompous windbag doctor named Bill Cortner gets in a car accident with his girlfriend. She loses her head (i.e. decapitated).. but Bill doesn't. Why - he's gonna find a sweet young girl's body and transplant it on the head of his girlfriend. Trust me - this movie is a real whopper and lots of fun.

10. Caltiki - Classic Sci-Fi Trailers

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Sci-Fi channel brings you - Caltiki - The Immortal Monster. This strange goo gets crossed with some atomic radiation and all craziness breaks loose. Watch the scientists try and solve this one - you shouldn't mess with Mother Nature!

11. Charles Laughton's The Night Of The Hunter Is Released

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in Hollywood - July 15th!

12. Cyrano de Bergerac w/ Jose Ferrer

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Cyrano de Bergerac, starring Jose Ferrer as Cyrano in the screen adaptation of Edmond Rostand's classic play. Jose Ferrer is nothing short of brilliant in his portrayal as the Cyrano - a gifted poet, wordsmith, swordsman, and a man with a beautiful and tender heart. But with all these gifts - he was also given a Monster sized nose, that reminds one of the proboscis monkey - it is huge and hideous, a perfect foil for the lavish gifts he has been given. Cyrano loves a beautiful woman named Roxane, who happens to be a distant cousin, but he is afraid to tell her how he feels about her, because he is afraid of rejection.

13. Dick Van Dyke Show - Bank Book 6565696

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents The Dick Van Dyke Show. In this episode, The Bank Book - Jerry and Rob find Laura's secret bank account. Rob thinks she's saving up for his birthday to buy a projector - but when he gets a sweater... he wants to find out why she's stashing money from him. Watch this and imagine how Hollywood would treat this same story today (Rob would be seen as an evil Monster for invading Laura's private space - yet in this episode, no one gives Rob a hard time for rifling through Laura's bank book).

14. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents the earliest film adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's literary classic, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This 1920 silent film stars the legendary John Barrymore (Drew Barrymore's grandfather) in the duel role of Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Simply put - his performance is amazing. Martha Mansfield stars as the innocent Millicent Carew, the lovely daughter of Sir George Carew, played by Brandon Hurst. You can also watch Hurst in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

15. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Movie Trailer

Description: LikeTelevision™ is proud to present - a movie trailer for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, starring Marilyn Monroe. This 1953 trailer is part of the series - Norma Jeane's Trailer Park, which features 15 cool Marilyn Monroe trailers - check them out as streams, or download the MPEGs and make a custom DVD back-up for personal use.

16. Hairy Bunch by Ideal

Description: The Hairy Bunch - a wild toy from Ideal that glows in the dark. A bunch of scary Monsters with funny hair. Fun commercial!

17. Halloween ScreamFest 2008

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents the 9th annual Halloween ScreamFest. Time again for another Streaming, Screaming Halloween Film Festival! If you enjoy horror films, scary tv shows, or videos of weird psychic phenomena of of the unknown - we got some mean and nasty witches, a myriad of Monsters, and a voluminous viscous vat of vapid vampires. A Zillion Zombies? Not quite a zillion maybe, but they are good ones. We rattled some skeletons in the closet and pulled out the Preview Trailer from the debut ScreamFest in 2000. We made a Top 10 Viewer's Choice, a Silent Horror Classics video library, and over 30 suggested titles, which are displayed randomly as images on the top right banner. (refresh the page, another suggestion via a roll of the dice. Here's more suggestions - Ouija Board episode from One Step Beyond, Beverly Hillbilies Trick or Treat, or take in some Casper the Friendly Ghost.,

18. Harrad Experiment, The

Description: The Harrad Experiment, based on Robert Rimmer's sex manifesto of the same name, is a classic tale of how idiotic people were in the 1960s and 1970s. A group of college kids become laboratory rats to test and challenge basic notions of sex and marriage. The movie stars a very young Don Johnson, James Whitmore (best known as the Miracle Grow spokesman), and Tippi Hedren (who got her eyes pecked out in Hitchcock's The Birds - BTW, she looks better with her clothes on, and do not be frightened by her parachute sized underwear). Also stars Fred Willard as part of a comedy troup called The Ace Trucking Company. This is a very strange movie and you will shake your head, wondering - did people really believe this garbage?

19. Hollywood Capers

Description: In this cartoon, Beans, from The Boston Beans tries to crash into a Hollywood studio. Well - he sneaks in and causes a lot of trouble. Cool cartoons of Hollywood greats!

20. House on Haunted Hill

Description: LikeTelevision's movie channel is proud to present House on Haunted Hill. Brainchild of legendary horror film director William Castle, this 1958 masterpiece stars Vincent Price as Frederick Loren, suave millionaire who hosts an elegant haunted house party for his lovely wife, Annabelle, played by Carol Ohmart. Party guests include Richard Long of 77 Sunset Strip and The Big Valley fame and the consumate character actor Elisha Cook, Jr. The five diverse guests are each offered $10,000 if they can stay in the haunted mansion overnight. Replete with ghosts, ghouls, disembodied heads, a vat of acid, an organ that plays itself, murder, mayhem, screaming women and theramin music, this big screen classic of the 50's is an absolute must see. So turn the lights, shut the shades and be prepared to be afraid - in the old school style.

21. Lady Frankenstein

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Lady Frankenstein. Lady Frankenstein is an Italian Spaghetti Horror cult classic starring Rosalba Nerri as that evil vixen, Tania - a.k.a Lady Frankenstein. Baron Frankenstein is played by Joseph Cotten. And the Monster looks a lot like the Toxic Avenger! Contains some nudity. For mature audiences only.

22. Last Man on Earth, The

Description: The Last Man on Earth was origianlly released in Italy as L'Ultimo uomo della Terra, and later redubbed in English as The Last Man on Earth. Starring Vincent Price, this is a terrific movie from 1964 based on Richard Matheson's classic Sc-Fi novel, I am Legend. A deadly virus (actually a bacillus, a rod shaped bacterium - like Bacillus anthracis, a.k.a. Anthrax) destroys most of the human population, turning people into horrible vampire zombie creatures who feed off of human blood. Vincent Price is a scientist trying to stay alive. He searches for a cure, destroys the Monsters, and finds himself as the last real man on Earth. This film clearly inspired George Romero who directed the classic - Night of the Living Dead. In addition, Matheson's I am Legend was also the inspiration for Omega Man, with Charleton Heston. There is also a rumor of a remake of this classic, but the original will be hard to beat. We loved this film, and bet you will too!

23. Monster Maker

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - The Monster Maker - with J. Carrol Naish as the fiendish Dr. Igor Markoff - an insane Doctor who gives the father of the women he desires an injection with the acromegaly virus. The “mickey“ leaves the father looking like a deformed Monster. (We do recommend this as a viable dating technique).

24. Original King Kong Released

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel presents - This Day in Hollywood - March 2nd!

25. Popeye - Fright to the Finish

Description: It's Halloween and Popeye and Bluto are both on the couch with Olive reading scary stories. Popeye the sailor man is waiting for Bluto to leave - which he does, but it's a trick. Bluto then creates all kinds of scary Monsters to try to win Olive's heart. In the end - Popeye gets his spinach and Bluto is just a “fraidy-cat“!

26. Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots by Marx

Description: The world's only boxing robots - Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots by Marx. Lots of fun and action when they mechanical Monsters duke it out. This the original commercial for the classic cyber boxing game!

27. Sci-Fi Trailer Series 19-25

Description: Would you believe MORE Sci-Fi Movie Trailers including The Brain Machine, The Haunted Palace, A Bucket of Blood, Flower Drum Song, My Name is Nobody, The Curse of The Faceless and Marnie!

28. Shark a.k.a. Man Eater

Description: The LikeTelevision™ movie channel presents Shark, also known as ManEater, Twist of the Knife, Caine, and originally - Arma de dos Filos (it originally released as a Mexican film). The film stars Burt Reynolds as Caine. The film was directed by the great Sam Fuller - who had some serious issues with the producer (Jose Luis Calderon) and left the production very upset. He even asked that his name be removed from the film - but the producers did not comply. Based on a novel by Victor Canning.

29. Son of Godzilla

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Son of Godzilla - with Tadao Takashima, Akira Kubo, and Bibari Maeda. Dr Kusumi (Tadao Takashima) is working on a weather device to help feed the world's growing population - but his experiment goes all wrong - creating giant Monsters and a baby Godzilla!!!

30. Superman - Arctic Giant

Description: LikeTelevision™ is proud to present the first cartoon series based on Superman, created by Dave and Max Fleischer, who also created most of the great Popeye cartoons! Scientists find a frozen giant dinosaur in Siberia and bring it back. An accident causes the ice to thaw, bringing the Monster back alive. The beast looks like Godzilla - bring on the Super Dude!

31. Superman - Japoteurs

Description: LikeTelevision™ is proud to present the first cartoon series based on Superman, created by Dave and Max Fleischer, who also created most of the great Popeye cartoons! Japoteurs, a group of Japanese saboteurs causing trouble in the U.S., captures a Monster secret bomber and starts dropping bombs on the air base. And Lois is on board the rogue airplane! Looks like a job for Superman! (warning: idiotic and racist at times - presented as a piece of history)

32. Superman - Mechanical Monsters

Description: LikeTelevision™ is proud to present the first cartoon series based on Superman, created by Dave and Max Fleischer, who also created most of the great Popeye cartoons! Metropolis is plagued by a rash of robberies involving huge mechanical Monsters. Lois gets caught in a trap and Superman comes to the rescue!

33. The First Sighting Of The Loch Ness Monster

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in History - May 2!

34. The Mummy Starring Boris Karloff Is Released

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in Hollywood - December 22!

35. The Worst Quake In Modern Times Rocked Japan

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in History - July 28!

36. Throne of Blood

Description: Classic Kurosawa tale of ambition, power, and fate. Two Samurai warriors (Washiza and Miki) encounter an evil spirit in the Cobweb Forest who sees the future. She tells them of their rise to power and how ambition will guide their actions. The film draws from Shakespeare's Macbeth - but the setting is feudal Japan. Like Lady Macbeth, Washiza's wife has a difficult time washing that darn blood off her hands.

Starring Toshir? Mifune as Washiza, the trusted Samurai hero and protector of a group of powerful leaders who control the Cobweb Castle, and several other forts and castles An evil spirit's prophesy guides his actions and he kills the top Lord and usurps his power - only to be replaced by equally ambitious men.

Set in Feudal Japan - Two Samurai heros turn on their Lords and gain power. Did you know that Kurosawa films like this created the inspiration for films like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Yojimbo) and Star Wars (Hidden Fortress) Watch this clip for more Kurosawa background info!

37. Zamboning with Dave

Description: LikeTelevision presents - “Zamboning with Dave“ a sports comedy infomercial about the Zamboni and the guys who drive 'em. Get the inside story from our resident Zamboni guru, Dave and learn something about these Monster ice shaving machines!

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