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1. Popeye - Poopdeck Pappy

Description: Another classic Popeye - Poopdeck Pappy, Popeye's dad, wants to go out drinking and dancing but Popeye thinks he should go to bed. Pappy sneaks out and gets in trouble at the dancehall when he makes eyes at the wrong girl. She's got a BIG boyfriend!

2. Popeye - Quiet! Pleez

Description: From 1941 - one of Popeye's best... it's a Pappy Classic called Quiet! Pleez. Pappy is under the weather.... ( a hongover, perhaps?) anyway Popeye has to make metropolis as quiet as a mouse so Pappy can get some sleep. Then he'll be ready for his next party!

3. Popeye -Problem Pappy

Description: From 1941 - one of Popeye's best... it's Problem Pappy. Popeye's dad has a new hobby - flag pole sitting. Popeye is worried for his Dad, who wants to be left alone. Then he gets in trouble... Popeye munches some spinach to save the day.

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