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1. Buster Keaton - The General

Description: The General became the first full length comedy blockbuster movie and remains clever and funny even by today's jaded standards. The genius of Buster Keaton is fully developed, as he plays Johnny Gray - the engineer of his beloved train called The General. Experience some of the greatest locomotive fim ever created and lots of it as most of the story takes place on trains or railroad stations. And you will see why Buster Keaton remains great. Keaton is a legend and this movie shows you why he is so worthy.

2. Mack Sennett Dies

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in Hollywood - November 5!

3. Man with the Golden Arm

Description: Frank Sinatra is Frankie Machine - a recovering heroin addict, married to a crippled woman who encourages him to deal cards with his “golden“ arm. Meanwhile, he's in love with another woman (Kim Novak). Lots of really cool period jazz music - though old blues eyes doesn't sing, he does play some terrible drums, especially when he's jones-ing in a cold turkey spasm. Also of note is Elmer Bernstein's really cool jazzy music, which helps drive the film's emotional rollercoaster.

4. Open City (Roma, citta aperta)

Description: Working behind barred door and cellars, a group of Italians created this movie about the horrors of the Nazi occupation in Rome during WWII. They had volunteers for actors, often using equipment stolen from Germans, with scraps of film, no studio lights, intermittent electricity - this was the first film released after the Allies freed Rome.

5. Pope John XXIII Opens The Ecumenical Council

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day In History - October 11!

6. Rules of the Game, The

Description: Jean Renoir's Rules of the Game is one of the greatest films ever made. As you might already know, Jean Renoir was the son of the remarkable impressionist painter, Auguste Renoir - whose paintings are so beautiful and glorious that they are actually worth the millions that they sell for today. This film is perhaps Jean Renoir's finest work, though some might prefer his other masterpiece, La Grande Illusion, also available on this site. Unlike Grande Illusion that is a heavy film about the tragic ironies of war, this film is hilarious satire about the fading French aristocracy and a wonderful portrayal of the human comedy of love, marriage, and relationships.

7. Tell Tale Heart

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - The Tell-Tale Heart - based on the classic Edgar Allan Poe story of the same title. This is a great version and very scary!

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