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1. Bedazzled

Description: Director Stanley Doner's Bedazzled was made in 1967. The story was written by Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Dudley Moore plays Stanley Moon, a wimpy guy who wants to fall in love, but he's a poor cook at a greasy spoon, doesn't know anyone and no one wants to know him. So he gets a visit from the devil, played by Peter Cook, who tries to tempt him into a life of evil intentions ruined souls. Raquel Welch is stunning as Lillian Lust.

2. Happy Birthday Raquel Welch!

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in Hollywood - September 5!

3. Johnny Carson - The Tonight Show

Description: This short clip features Roseanne Barr in her comedy debut in front of a National audience on the Tonight Show. Followed by the legendary moment from the days of live TV - when Ed Ames throws a tomahawk into a plywood dummy, and the hatchet lands in the dummy's pelvis. A frontier briss? Rachel Welch suffers through some good natured sexual innuendo. Same for Madeline Kahn, who tells Johnny she's afraid of balls coming at her.

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