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1. Fascination by Remco

Description: Fascination - a game from Remco where you work your marbles through 3 separate mazes in a race against your opponent. Super nifty light bulbs tell you who wins!

2. Johnny Reb Cannon by Remco

Description: The Johnny Reb Cannon - complete with the politically incorrect rebel flag. A belicose toy made just for little boys who wanted to be confederate soldiers!

3. Movieland Drive-In by Remco

Description: Remco's Movieland Drive-In Theater - a single slide of Have Gun will Travel or Heckle and Jeckle! Wow-Wee! Non-gender specific - it's made for boys or girls!

4. Road Devils by Remco

Description: The Remco Road Devils, complete with its own power injector. Check out the killer twang guitar track with the cars poppin' wheelies. A toy any kid could love.

5. Tiger Joe by Deluxe Reading

Description: Tiger Joe - one of the coolest commercials - plus it was a fun toy. Shoot the missles with this tank and get a little smoke (talcum powder). A cool toy made just for little boys who wanted to be soldiers!

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