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1. Andy Griffith Show - Aunt Bee's Medicine Man

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents The Andy Griffith Show, set in the bucolic splendor of Mayberry, North Carolina. This episode - Aunt Bee's Medicine Man features special guest, John Dehner, as a huckster in traveling medicine man. Aunt Bee buys a few bottles of the special Indian Elixir and gives it a try. It turns out to be 85% alcohol - Watch Aunt Bee (Francis Bavier) gets “lit“ along with the rest of the Church Social group.

2. Colt 45 Classic TV Commercial Parachute

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - another classic colt 45 tv commercial. I loved this one... a guy is sitting at a table, when a lovely hispanic girls comes up - flamenco dancing no less... and plops a drop cloth on the ground with a target on it. Then... the waiter drops from an airplane and parachutes in... to serve up an ice cold beer - colt 45 of course.

3. Drinking and Eating PSA

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents a bizarre old PSA (public service announcement) which alerts us that eating a lot of food has no effect on how the body absorbs alcohol. Duh? You mean if I eat a loaf of sponge bread it won't sop up all that wine? Why who knew! The guy in the commercial has some trouble driving and ends up getting his Volkwagon Beetle pinched between two trucks.

4. Smash-Up The Story of a Woman

Description: The LikeTelevision Classic Movie channel proudly presents Smash-Up, The Story of a Woman starring Susan Hayward, Lee Bowman, Eddie Albert, and Marsha Hunt. Susan Hayward plays Angelica Evans, a cabaret singer who becomes a loving wife and mother. Her husband, Ken Conway - played by Lee Bowman becomes a big radio singing star and as he rises to the top, she slowly slips into becoming an alcoholic. Eddie Albert stars as Steve Nelson, Conway's song writing buddy who seems quite happy with the city life. (sorry, had to have some mention of Green Acres, a terrific classic tv show that starred Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor.)

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