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1. Bad Taste

Description: The LikeTelevision™ movie channel presents a delightful horror classic from 1987 called Bad Taste, produced and directed by Peter Jackson, best known for his work on the JRR Tolkien movies, including the Lord of the Rings series and if fans get their wish, The Hobbit (though that looks bleak now). Well, long before Peter Jackson was a big cheese in film, he made this film with his school buddies over a four year period about a group of secret government agents in charge of keeping the world safe from invading aliens from distant galaxies. The budget for the film was next to nothing though it was a step up from a bunch of his previous efforts shot on 8mm film. Peter finally got a decent camera, a hand wound 16mm Bolex that was used for this movie and a little bit of money from a grant that helped him create more elaborate special effects.Bad Taste is an amazing movie - you can see the genius of Peter Jackson on display even as a young lad. He not only directed and produced this film, he even stars as young Derek, the courageous geek leader of the Alien Protection Squad who has to keep repacking his brains that have partially fallen out of his head.

2. Brother From Another Planet

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a cult classic low budget alien film called Brother From Another Planet. Written and directed by John Sayles, an alien crash lands in Harlem while on the run from evil outer space bounty hunters. Joe Morton, is the brother from another planet - who is a fugitive slave on the lamb. John Sayles and David Strathaim play the two Men in Black - who are diabolical bounty hunters trying to capture the gentle hero. The film was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize at the 1985 Sundance Film Festival.

3. God Told Me To

Description: The LikeTelevision™ movie channel presents God Told Me To starring Tony Lo Bianco as Police detective Peter J. Nicholas who is trying to solve a series of random killings where the shooter claims each time that God told him to. Very weird and creepy, which is what you might expect to find in a movie with Andy Kaufman.

4. Killers From Space

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Killers From Space - with Peter Graves, Barbara Bestar, Frank Gerstle, James Seay, Steve Pendleton.

5. One Step Beyond - A Message for Clara

Description: This episode explores automatic writing, when a school teacher starts writing a message on the blackboard and her hand goes haywire. And she starts writing in an old world language she doesn't know.

6. One Step Beyond - Aerialist

Description: This is another terrific episode of One Step Beyond, a cool Sci-Fi TV show from the late 50s, early 60s... that inspired a few other cool sci-fi tv shows like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. The Aerialist features Mike Connors, best known for his work as TV detective Joe Mannix, as Mario Patruzzio, the son of an Italian circus family skilled in the art of the flying trapeze. Mario has an argument with his father before the show about his wife, who is acting like a bimbo from the father's perspective. Mario, who is responsible for catching his Dad during the show... says well maybe I won't catch you tonight, pops. Guess what happens? Dad lays paralyzed in the hospital... and Mario contemplates suicide... and then in a bizarre episode of bi-location.... his dad (Gino Patruzzio played by Robert Carricart) saves his son with a daring catch ..... miles away in his hospital bed, still not able to move a muscle. Search for bi-location to view another One Step episode that examines the mysterious happening in the psychic world of the unexplained. John Newland is our delightful host.

7. One Step Beyond - Anniversary of a Murder

Description: This episode features a Dictaphone machine that plays the last words of a dead man... murdered one year ago. with Harry Townes.

8. One Step Beyond - Captain's Guests

Description: A young couple rents a summer house in New England - and the husband gets “taken over“ by the dead captain's ghost.

9. One Step Beyond - Clown

Description: In this episode -The Clown, a jealous boyfriend kills his girlfriend, played by Yvette Mimieux, when he finds her hiding in Pippo the Clown's trailer at the carnival. Then - he is haunted by the menacing clown - but all in some dream world. This episode is probsably the original of all the scary clown tv and movie themes we have seen since. Really great episode - check out that clown's face! As a special treat - we provided this download as MPEG-1 files. Very nice - make a DVD or a VCD of this cool show.

10. One Step Beyond - Darkroom

Description: This is another great One Step Beyond episode. It stars the remarkable Cloris Leachman - as a young magazine photographer in France who is looking to capture some photos of the soul of France. Leachman is quite young in this episode and very attractive, though she always has a headache. Anyway - she gets a pensive visitor to photograph, played by Marcel Dalio. (you might recognize Dalio from Grand Illusion, where he played the French Officer, Rosenthal). In the end, the mysterious visitor attacks Leachman, and accuses her of infidelity. As it turns out - this guy murdered his wife in the same house many years ago, and has long since died. And - guess what, all the photos that Leachman took of this odd visitor turned out. Because he isn't in the picture... just empty chairs or walls. In another twist of synchronicity - this episode has an assistant director named Erich Von Stroheim, jr., whose dad also starred in La Grande Illusion. woooo... spooky!

11. One Step Beyond - Dead Man's Tale

Description: One of my personal favorites. I believe this story may actually have happened. Watch it and see if you don't agree.

12. One Step Beyond - Dead Part of the House

Description: Jennifer, Rose and Mary... 3 dolls or are they the ghosts of 3 children who died in the house??? See Kung Fu's teacher in an early role!

13. One Step Beyond - Dead Ringer

Description: This episode explores Bi-Location - the ability for a person to be in two places at once. A woman sets fires and blames it on her dead twin sister (uhm... she is bi-locating and setting the fires herself). The “other“ entity is often called the “etheric double“

14. One Step Beyond - Devil's Laughter

Description: Cool story about a guy who couldn't be hung - (every time, something goes wrong with the gallows) Plus - he knows how he will die.

15. One Step Beyond - Dream

Description: During WWII, a man falls asleep while on watch for German patrols. He has a dream about his wife getting killed - his wife also has a dream about him. Pretty cool episode.

16. One Step Beyond - Earthquake

Description: In San Francisco, two men have a premonition that the city will be wrecked in an earthquake - right before the big one that really happened.

17. One Step Beyond - Echo

Description: The episode of One Step Beyond features Ross Martin, best known as Artemus Gordon from The Wild, Wild, West TV show. Here he plays a husband, who just got tried - Not Guilty - for his wife's murder. But it seems - he really did it, and he goes mad, killing his brother-in-law from New Zealand, who is about to read him a letter from his dead sister, Ross Martin's dead wife. Funny thing - she only had nice things to say about Ross Martin, and wanted to leave him all her money!

18. One Step Beyond - Emergency Only

Description: During WWII, a bright star has a dramatic effect on 4 French soldiers in a bunker. All of them drop their guns and “quit“ the war. A true story - this is just one version.

19. One Step Beyond - Executioner, The

Description: More episodes of One Step Beyond, a cool Sci-Fi TV show from the late 50s, early 60s... that inspired a few other cool sci-fi tv shows like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. The Executioner is the story of an evil Union Colonel who decides to railroad some poor young Rebel Soldier as a Confederate Army spy. The young kid is probably 16 or 17, and he has a nice dog named Tom. The cruel Colonel gets annoyed with Tom's howling so he shoots the poor thing. Meanwhile, Jess Bradley the Confederate Army spy (not really) is sentanced to be executed. The dog Tom has something to say about all this. Check it out. This episode is very dark, a lot of it was filled at night with nowhere near enough lighting to make it work. bet you still like it!

20. One Step Beyond - Face

Description: This episode explores recurring dreams - or in this case nightmares. As a young boy, he dreams of how he dies. The dream keeps recurring with the same characters. Watch and see if his nightmare comes true. Based on a true story.

21. One Step Beyond - Fate

Description: A women keeps having visions of a plane crashing through the ceiling. So she and her husband move into a hotel - and a plane crashes through the ceiling. But the pilot is saved and the couple gets out of the way when they hear the plane coming in. Cool - based on a true story!

22. One Step Beyond - Forests of the Night

Description: This episode of One Step Beyond features the great Alfred Ryder in the lead role, with Mark Roberts and Douglas Dick. Three guys go hunting, and play a funky fortune telling game with chopsticks. Ryder picks a weird chopstick, and they read him the message. When he hears it, he seems to be possessed - by a leopard, who eventually takes over his spirit. Later on, Ryder disappears - and they find a leopard in the American west, where no leopards live. No zoo or circus has reported one missing either! You probably remember Mark Roberts and Douglas Dick from Perry Mason, where each of them were guest stars in a few episodes. Mark Roberts was also on General Hospital.

23. One Step Beyond - Front Runner

Description: This episode features a jockey who loses his girl to an older rider, and then bests him by cheating. Cool vintage horse racing footage and an interesting tale of love lost, foul play and vengeance that reaches across the grave.

24. One Step Beyond - Goodbye Grandpa

Description: There's a broken train rail that leads to a house in the middle of nowhere. When Grandpa dies, he rides past to say “good-bye“ one last time to his grandson.

25. One Step Beyond - Gypsy

Description: Robert Blake, an escaped convict from prison, gets help from a Gypsy, that is already dead.

26. One Step Beyond - Hand

Description: Special guest star: Robert Loggia is a piano player who kills a woman in a fit of rage. Soon his hand starts bleeding, leaving stains on everything he touches.

27. One Step Beyond - Last Round

Description: This episode stars Charles Bronson as an aging fighter. Beware the ghost of “Paddy“

28. One Step Beyond - Lost Lovers

Description: A man is bitter after eight years, waiting for a women he met on a distant island (near San Salvador). During the eight years, she dreams she is at the island. Pretty cool episode, plus you get Newland in a funky tropical print talking about teleportation.

29. One Step Beyond - Lovers

Description: This episode is about a poltergeist making itself known to a couple in love. Not very scary - more charming than threatening.

30. One Step Beyond - Make Me Not A Witch

Description: This episode features a young girl that can read minds. Her parents think she is a witch. Then she uses her gift to save some children. Based on a true story.

31. One Step Beyond - Mask

Description: This is another terrific episode of One Step Beyond, a cool Sci-Fi TV show from the late 50s, early 60s... that inspired a few other cool sci-fi tv shows like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. The Mask features Wesley Lau, best known as Lt. Andy Anderson from the Perry Mason tv show, as a soldier named Wollenski. He got lost in the middle of the Egyptian desert during his tour of duty, and wakes up in the hospital with a pillow case over his head... I guess he got sunburned or something. Anyway, for no good reason, he starts drawing some wild hieroglyphics on a napkin and gives the artwork to a guy named Brimley (and while he looks like Wilfred Brimley on the Quaker Oats commercials - it's a different guy)... who just happens to be an archeologist. Small world, huh? Well... it seems that Wollenski has the spirit of some old Pharoah in him, who wants to reveal the whereabouts of his missing tomb. Wait till you see what happens to Wollenski's face. This episode is real weird one, bet you like it! BTW - you can also check out Wesley Lau in Bonanza - Desert Justice on LikeTelevision's Classic TV channel.

32. One Step Beyond - Midnight

Description: This episode features a struggling writer who finds a beautiful woman who likes money and trouble. Eventually, the writer murders somebody the couple are robbing - she takes the money, he gets the shaft!

33. One Step Beyond - Night in Decision

Description: A weird story about George Washington at Valley Forge and a dream he had during the difficult days at Valley Forge.

34. One Step Beyond - Night of April 14th

Description: This is a great One Step Beyond episode about the maiden voyage of the unsinkable Titanic, and a favorite of fans of this terrific Sci-Fi Tv show. A bride to be, played by Barbara Lord, has nightmares about drowning in icy waters. Her fiance, played by Patrick Macnee then tells her they will not honeymoon in Switzerland, but will take a cruise to New York on the Titanic. Patrick Macnee is best known for his role as Steed in The Avengers with Miss Emma Peel, played by enchanting Diana Rigg. Also of note - John Newland discusses a novel written by Morgan Robertson called Futility, written in 1898, 14 years before The Titanic sank. In the book, an unsinkable ship 800 feet long (Titanic was 882 feet) hits an iceberg and sinks. Both ships could go 25 knots, both carried around 3,000 passengers, and both sunk in April. Oddly enough - the ship in Robertson's novel was called the Titan. You also get some vintage special effects, that compared to James Cameron's 1997 movie look pretty lame, but for their day, these fx were the bomb! I prefer Macnee to Leonardo DiCaprio anyway. And Barbara Lord is very attractive, but Kate Winslet seems more compelling and lovely, probably because Lord is a bit whacko in this episode. This is a great episode - we should offer it as a download in the near future.

35. One Step Beyond - Open Window

Description: A “sketch artist“ for traditional media gets bored with all the “beautiful people“ and creates his own imagined world through an open window.

36. One Step Beyond - Ordeal on Locust Street

Description: This episode features a hypnotist who cures a boy who has weird, scaly fish skin. When all appears lost, the boy surprises his mom on Christmas!

37. One Step Beyond - Prisoner

Description: This episode features a young girl that is filled with hate after being subjected to a WWII concentration camp. She is visited by a German soldier, and writes a letter for him. Trouble is, the guy has been dead for six years. Weird story!

38. One Step Beyond - Riddle

Description: This another great One Step Beyond episode. A guy riding on a train (The Bombay Express) with his wife in India goes ballistic when confronted by a fellow named Kumar offering to sell him some trinkets and a rooster. Good samaritan... I think not. This guy totally flies off the deep. Then he goes into a fugue state and his wife can't find him, so she gets some help from a missionary after the constable gives her the brush. We learn the India policeman knows a little secret history about the rooster saleman, and somebody is going to get murdered, but you'll have to watch it to learn the details.

39. One Step Beyond - Secret

Description: This episode features a neglected wife with a rich husband. She eventually finds a new invisible boyfriend named Jerome and things get weird!

40. One Step Beyond - Signal Received

Description: This episode features people who had premonitions of the sinking of HMS Hood. They receive weird signals foretelling the disaster. Yes folks - this is the very scary Ouija Board episode. Don't mess with the dark side!

41. One Step Beyond - Sorcerer

Description: A nazi officer wants to puts telephone poles on a gypsy's land during the war. The gypsy puts him under a spell and he shoots his unfaithful fraulein in the altered state of consciousness.

42. One Step Beyond - Tiger

Description: Mrs. Cartwright, the new mean governess, pushes youg Pamela to the limit. She wishes for a tiger to protect her from the witch - and her wish comes true.

43. One Step Beyond - To Know the End

Description: A woman has a terrible dream that tells her future!

44. One Step Beyond - Trap, The

Description: Need another terrific episode of One Step Beyond? No problem. One Step Beyond was a cool Sci-Fi TV show from the late 50s, early 60s... that inspired a few other cool sci-fi tv shows like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. The Trap which aird on 11/15/1960 features Mike Kellin in a dual role as Dominic DeNovio and Fred Gibbs, two identical twins separated at birth. This episode explores the psychic connection between identical twins. How one twil can burn themselves, and the other will feel it. In this story, Dominic Denovio starts acting very weird and gets sick from dehydration. It turns out his identical twin brother fell in a deserted mine shaft and got hurt. Denovio's ranting in the hospital helps save his identical twin brother. One of my favorite parts of this episode is how different the priest's chin looks. I have never seen one like that. This episode is real weird one, bet you like it! BTW - you can also check out Mike Kellin in At War with the Army on LikeTelevision's Movie channel.

45. One Step Beyond - Vanishing Point

Description: A man is accused of murder after his wife mysteriously disappears. Then, he realizes that previous residents of the bizarre house have also vanished in the past.

46. One Step Beyond - Vision

Description: A portrait painter has a vision he can't get out of his head. Something psychic going on?

47. One Step Beyond - Visitor

Description: One Step Beyond - The Visitor, features host John Newland, Warren Beatty, and Joan Fontaine. This episode is a classic - with a weird time warp, where Beatty visits his wife as a young man, and laments the loss of their baby. He has this time warp visitation when he gets in a car wreck in the snow and almost dies. ooooh, spooky!

48. One Step Beyond - Wedding

Description: A jealous bachelor leaves his best man to die in the Alps after an accident. Later, the bachelor is followed by a wicked “chill“. Will the poltergeist make him confess?

49. One Step Beyond - Where Are They?

Description: Yvette Mimeiux. This is the ultimate episode! First, the ghost who drops stones from the sky in Chico, CA. Amazing story. Our second tale is the story of Charles Elton, a man who created a pill to change water into gasoline. That's right, get a jug of water, add Mr Elton's magic gasoline pill and you have a jug of petrol. He demonstrates the pill to the military scientists and disappears, never seen from again. Alien technology, abduction or commercial espionage? Who knows? Where Are They?

50. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Description: LikeTelevison proudly presents the Joseph E. Levine production Santa Claus conquers the Martians with John Call and Pia Zadora.

51. Three Stooges Cartoon - The Three Astronutz

Description: The LikeTelevision™ cartoon channel presents The Three Astronutz starring the three stooges. (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Joe DeRita as Curly Joe). The stooges land on Mars to collect some specimens - but it looks like they are the ones who will end up going to the zoo. A classic in old school alien TV.

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