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1. Brink of Life

Description: LikeTelevision™ presents - a 1958 film directed by the Swedish legend, Ingmar Bergman called Nara livet, or Brink of Life. The film takes place in the maternity ward of a hospital and explores the powerful emotions of childbirth. Three pregnant women are the stars - each at a different stage of being pregnant and also in very different relationships with the men who fathered the babies. The film is really terrific and the fact that it was shot in the 1950s makes it even more compelling - knowing that the young girls are now in their 70s and 80s - and the babies in the movie are now almost 50 years old.

2. Colt 45 Classic TV Commercial

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a classic Colt 45 beer TV Commercial complete with a waiter who rides in on a surfboard with a serving tray that has a can of Colt 45. A busy executive in his coat and tie gets the star treatment on the beach. It even has a few nice looking girls in some really wonderful attire.

3. Colt 45 Classic TV Commercial Parachute

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - another classic colt 45 tv commercial. I loved this one... a guy is sitting at a table, when a lovely hispanic girls comes up - flamenco dancing no less... and plops a drop cloth on the ground with a target on it. Then... the waiter drops from an airplane and parachutes in... to serve up an ice cold beer - colt 45 of course.

4. M

Description: This is an excellent movie - Fritz Lang's - M is must see material (rated in the top 50 movies all time by IMDb and many others). Peter Lorre stars as Hans Beckert, a sick, twisted man who is a child murderer. When the hoodlums in the underworld of Berlin grow tired of all the police searches ruining their business, they decide to catch the child killer themselves - forget about the police. They enlisted the help of the homeless as their eyes and ears and then.... you'll see! watch it! This is the original masterpiece, German with subtitles. And Lorre's performance as Hans is remarkable - every bit as chilling as Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter in Silence of The Lambs. Don't take candy from a stranger takes on new meaning.

5. No Smoking at LikeTelevision

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - No Smoking at LikeTelevision, a cult classic from Zim Zum, the musical comedy show we created for the internet in the summer of 2000. What were we thinking? This clip features Jim Stafrani, an early user of LikeTelevision declaring that LikeTelevision is the first smoke free web site - EVER! He appears serious, though it is unclear what he is doing to the saxophone player sculpture with his wandering fingers. For an opposing view - we turn to the insanity of Zim Zum's producer, Frank Random - who had some fun with the audio from a Bill Hicks comedy routine - mixed with an old promo featuring James Arness having a drink and a smoke, and wearing boxer shorts instead of pants. Wow.. so ahead of his time. The clip ends with Dodge Benson lamenting about how he won't be able to make the payments on his cadillac now that he has been fired as host when the show was cancelled. Plus... a few beers later - he appears more honest about how he really feels about it.

6. Pajama Game

Description: The Pajama Game became the first in a string of smash hits for visionary choreographer Bob Fosse soon after it opened on Broadway in May of 1954. The play opened to rave reviews and was performed well over 1000 times. So when it came time to re-purpose it for the silver screen, Warner Bros. decided to basically lift the entire production from the stage at the St. James Theater and transport it to the sound stage in Hollywood. The female lead was changed from Janis Paige to Doris Day for box-office reasons and a couple of minor roles were switched out but, all-in-all what we see in the film is a faithful replication of the original Broadway production and a level of ensemble seldom seen on film. If you can stop being soooo sophisticated and are ready, willing and able to dispend reality for a little while, you will really enjoy this wonderful piece of period fluff.

7. Randy Rhoads - Live At The Whiskey

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Music channel brings you - a cool, LIVE music performance from Randy Rhoads and Quiet Riot. Imagine it's 1978, 1 AM and you are at The Whiskey with a three tube camera, standing in front of Randy's stack of amps. Someone just spilled beer on you, audio needles are pinned in the red... Well here it is! Enjoy yourself and thanks to Jim from Van Nuys, California, USA for providing us with this historic gem!

8. The Blue Angel Starring Marlene Dietrich Is Released

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in Hollywood - December 9!

9. TV Commercials Carling Black Label Beer

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a classic Carling Black Label beer TV Commercial. Delightful husband and wife cartoon characters tell the story of a husband who likes to hang out in the hammock while his wife does all the chores around the house, and has to bring her man a beer too. Mabel - how about a Black Label. Boy - i miss the good old days sometimes.

10. W.C. Fields - Dentist

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents W.C. Fields in The Dentist. In this 25 minute short film, the dentist is worried about his daughter, who likes the ice man. The disgruntled father threatens to buy a Frigidaire! Meanwhile, back at the office, the crazy dentist does his thing - also featured is the famous scene (see pic below) with its implied sadistic-sexual overtones. Very cheeky content for the day.

11. W.C. Fields - Fatal Glass of Beer

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents W.C. Fields in Fatal Glass of beer. In this 20 minute short film, Mr. Snavely (W.C. Fields) sings a sad song with an autoharp about his son Chester - the poor wayward lad who had the fatal mug. hilarious classic w/ a Yukon setting. Ain't fit for man or beast!

12. W.C. Fields - Golf Specialist

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents W.C. Fields in The Golf Specialist. In this 20 minute short film, J. Effingham Bellweather, (played by W.C. Fields) is The Golf Specialist. At a swank resort, Mr. Bellweather finds a girl and tries to get in a round of golf. Features the most obnoxious caddy of all time!

13. Wild Ride, The

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - The Wild Ride starring Jack Nicholson as the tough street punk, Johnny Varron. Wow - what a treat, Jack Nicholson in his second movie, circa 1960 (his debut was the Cry Baby Killer in 1958) as the alpha male in a gang of tough kids who are into racing cars. Johnny is their leader and hero who makes all the decisions for the group. For instance - Dave (Robert Bean) has a new girlfriend, and she is lame (like from the good side of the tracks) so Johnny tells Dave to lose the chick (Nancy, played by Georgiana Carter). Dave doesn't want to give up his girlfriend, so Johnny decides to move in. Of course all this ends in trouble with a capital T, as Johnny ends up killing a motorcycle cop and an extended stay at the jailhouse.

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