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1. Mickey McGuire - Mickey's Minstrels

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents this terrific short film called Mickey's Minstrels starring Mickey Rooney! The kids decide to give the neighbor's puppy to a sick kid to help him get well. But now they must pay for it - $10 - and they decide to try organ grinding with Little billy barty as the monkey. It also features the big football game finish!

2. Nothing Sacred

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents Nothing Sacred - a romantic comedy starring Carole Lombard and Frederic March. NYC newspaper reporter Wallace Cook tries to redeem himself after a hoax blows up by covering the story of Hazel Flagg, a Vermont girl dying of radium poisoning. (yes, it's fake news!) But the truth is, she's perfectly healthy. BTW - this 1937 movie in Technicolor features Margaret Hamilton in a short scene, (2 years later she gets a huge role, also in color as The Wicked Witch of The West The Wizard of Oz.) Warning: contains idiotic racial stereotyping typical of the period. Our apologies, it is presented as a piece of history.

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