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1. Betty Boop - A Language all my Own

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a classic Betty Boop cartoon called A Language All My Own. You see, Betty is so popular, she's known all over the world. So, she hops in a plane and flies off to Japan - to sing a boop boop be doop song - in Japanese. I am not kidding, Betty Boop gets in a kimono and does a Japanese rendition of a song and dance routine. This one's a hoot.

2. Betty Boop - A Little Soap and Water

Description: The LikeTelevision™ cartoon channel presents Betty Boop in a Little Soap and Water. Betty tries to give Pudgy a bath - but the dog does not wish to comply. Soap and bubbles fly everywhere. Check out this Fleischer classic with the eternally endearing Betty Boop.

3. Betty Boop - A Song a Day

Description: Betty Boop is a nurse at her own animal hospital. She goes about her rounds in a typical day of cartoon “ER“. Also features Grampy.

4. Betty Boop - Baby Be Good

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - another Betty Boop classic cartoon, Baby Be Good. Betty is babysitting a naughty little boy who she admonishes and tells a tale of a Karma Meltdown. In a wild sequence of running the film backwards - all the wrongs get righted. Yeah - that's the ticket - nothing like reverse animation to fill up the minutes of a cartoon. Pretty cool all the same - i love the part where the kid covers a cat in toothpaste.

5. Betty Boop - Be Human

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel brings you - Betty Boop and Grampy in Be Human. A mean farmer beats his animals and Betty implores - “it's futile to be brutal“. When he doesn't listen, Betty calls Grampy who rigs up a Kafkaesque torture device to set him straight!

6. Betty Boop - Betty and Grampy

Description: Betty Boop is off to see Grampy and she picks up some friends on the way. Check out Grampy's crazy house of funky mechanical devices.

7. Betty Boop - Betty in Blunderland

Description: Betty Boop mixed in with some Alice in Wonderland - this cartoon is a classic. Wild story as Betty takes a sip from the shrink-ola juice machine and meets up with the mad hatter, the white rabbit and the queen of hearts!

8. Betty Boop - Happy You and Merry Me

Description: Betty Boop and Pudgy get a feline visitor. At first, Pudgy is jealous but eventually he befriends the cat and all is well.

9. Betty Boop - House Cleaning Blues

Description: Betty Boop is all bummed out because she's having a hard time cleaning the house. Then Grampy comes over and makes all kinds of inventions to help out. Very cool.

10. Betty Boop - Impractical Joker

Description: Betty Boop has had it with the goofy jokster and tells Grampy to figure soemthing out. So, the impractical joker gets to learn a thing or two from Professor Grampy and his bag of tricks.

11. Betty Boop - Ker Choo

Description: Attention all you fans of NASCAR, Betty Boop is a race car driver who shows up for the big race, even though she has a case of the sniffles. Betty shines in her performance of - I Got a Cold in My Nose. And in the end, she speeds past everyone like Dale Earnhardt, complete with a big crack-up at the finish line.

12. Betty Boop - Little Jimmy

Description: Betty Boop wants to shed a few pounds so she starts working out. Little Jimmy is also there to help - then they both give up and just grow fat.

13. Betty Boop - Little King

Description: Betty Boop has a rodeo gig at the theater and the Little King like her style of entertainment. When he disappears, everyone in the kingdom goes looking for him.

14. Betty Boop - Little Nobody

Description: The LikeTelevision™ cartoon channel presents Betty Boop and Pudgy in Little Nobody. Pudgy tries to play with the rich lady's dog next door, but gets snubbed bitch, which in this case is a female dog too. But when she gets in trouble in a ragin river, Pudgy jumps in to erscue the damsel in ditress from the threatening waterfall. Check out this Fleischer classic with the eternally endearing Betty Boop.

15. Betty Boop - Making Stars

Description: Betty Boop introduces you to the stars of the future. Typical period racial stereotying - our apologies, we do not edit the originals but we do warn you before viewing.

16. Betty Boop - Minnie The Moocher

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel brings you Betty Boop and Bimbo in Minnie The Moocher! This cartoon features a short appearance by Cab Calloway and his Orchestra (as real people and in toon land, as ghosts). Betty has a fight with her stern German father and decides to run off with Bimbo - then they meet up with scary ghosts and goblins in a cave!

17. Betty Boop - Musical Mountaineers

Description: Betty Boop finds herself without gas and she comes to a house in the hills - filled with “mountain folk“ - who are feuding with the neighbors. Betty has them singing in a jug band and rocking out.

18. Betty Boop - Rise To Fame

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - another Betty Boop classic cartoon, Rise to Fame. This animation features Max Fleischer the creator of Betty Boop, Superman and Popeye cartoons in real human form, helping Betty Boop answer a reporter's questions about her life as a cartoon character. Kinda like who framed Roger Rabbit - with real live people interacting with toons.

19. Betty Boop - Scared Crows

Description: Betty Boop is trying to make a garden but the crows are spoiling everything - so she makes herself a scarecrow and shoos off the birds.

20. Betty Boop - She Wronged Him Right

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel brings you - Betty Boop and Fearless Freddy in She Wronged Him Right. A cold hearted villian who holds Betty's mortgage wishes to force his affection on Betty in lieu of rent - till Fearless Freddy saves the day!

21. Betty Boop - Stop That Noise

Description: Betty Boop just wants a little peace and quiet but nature is making too much of a ruckus - with bees, mosquitos and spiders. Can't a girl get a little peace and quiet?Z

22. Betty Boop - Swat That Fly

Description: Betty Boop just wants to make a little cake for her and Pudgy, but the kitchen has an obnoxiuos fly determined to ruin the day. Watch her and Pudgy try to Swat that little bugger.

23. Betty Boop - Training Pigeons

Description: Betty Boop and Pudgy make friends with some pigeons - and then Pudgy acts like a dog and starts chasing them - on the roofs of huge city buildings... look out!

24. Betty Boop - Whoops I'm a Cowboy

Description: Betty Boop sends Wiffle Piffle on his way and he's off to the dude ranch to learn how to become a real life cowboy. Yee-Haw!

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