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1. Addams Family, The - Lurch's Grand Romance

Description: The quirky Addams family was a favorite of every challenged family back in the sixties. In this episode, Lurch falls in love when Morticia's old school buddy, Tiny Trivia, comes to visit. The big guy is just goo goo eyed in love with the girl. But too bad for Lurch, the little starlet has no time or interest in a monster sized butler like Lurch.

2. Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Cheney Vase

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents - Alfred Hitchcock Presents. This episode, The Cheney Vase, features Darren McGavin as a scoundrel trying to rip off an old lady. Also stars carolyn jones and of course Sir Alfred.

3. Dragnet - The Big Girl

Description: In this episode, a women is luring men with her hitchhiking thumb - then she robs 'em - heck sometimes, she even shoots the guys! At first, they think it's carolyn jones (a.k.a Morticia Addams) - but then they find out that the crook isn't a woman at all - but a cross dressing man!

4. Dragnet - The Big Producer

Description: All right... more Jack Webb. In this episode, The Big Porn, (a.k.a. - The Big Producer) Jack busts a Stephen Banner - school kid played by a young Martin Milner - who is selling smut to other high school kids. Jack works his way the chain to find Mr. Big. Also - make sure you check out the young carolyn jones (Morticia Adams) in part two. Ralph Moody plays Charles Hopkins.

5. Seven Year Itch Movie Trailer

Description: LikeTelevision™ is proud to present - a movie trailer for The Seven Year Itch, starring Marilyn Monroe. This 1955 trailer is part of the series - Norma Jeane's Trailer Park, which features 15 cool Marilyn Monroe trailers - check them out as streams, or download the MPEGs and make a custom DVD back-up for personal use.

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