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1. Amos and Andy - Check and Double Check

Description: It is with some hesitation... that LikeTelevision™ presents this Amos and Andy classic film - Check and Double Check. There are some high points in the film that make it more interesting from a historical perspective. It was made in 1930 and is Amos and Andy's first talkie. There's even a part that features Duke Ellington and His Cotten Club Orchestra. Oddly enough, Animator extraordinaire Seymour Kneitel (of Popeye and casper fame).... made a cartoon with a catchy title - Chick and Double Chick. Hmmm that sounds like an interesting cartoon!

2. Casper - Spooking About Africa

Description: casper the friendly ghost finds himself in Africa. He meets up with an elephant that is making the jungle shake everytime he sneezes. Well, it turns out that it's just a feather in his trunk, which casper extracts with great skill. But we'll need another feather if the Sneezy elephant can save the day and blow out the forest fire. Dripping with fun.

3. Casper - The Friendly Ghost

Description: casper has a tough time finding friends because everybody seems to be scared of ghosts. Then he befriends some kids, and their Mom when the terrified banker gives her the deed to the house.

4. Casper - There's Good Boos Tonight

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel proudly presents another classic with casper the Friendly Ghost in There's Good Boos Tonight. casper is having a hard time making friends - and a cow jumps over the moon. Finally, he makes a new friend - Ferdie, a cute little red fox. Unfortunately, Ferdie dies at the end - but the good news - the little fox resurrects and comes back as a ghost, and is there for casper as his good friend. There's Good Boos tonight is a takeoff from Walter Winchell's opening line... there's good news tonight... for all you old-timers. You probably remember his voice from the classic tv show - The Untouchables, starring Robert Stack as Elliot Ness, super G-Man from Chicago who fought to bring in Al Capone. This one is a classic!

5. Daffy Duck - Daffy and The Dinosaur

Description: Daffy Duck is the object of casper Caveman's interest - because he's hungry. casper goes off on the hunt with his trusty dinosaur. A classic prehistoric tale!

6. Escape from Sobibor

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Escape from Sobibor starring Alan Arkin, Joanna Pacula and Rutger Hauer. Sobibor was a Jewish concentration camp in World War II that was created for the sole purpose of exterminating as many Jewish people as quickly as possible - part of Hitler's notorious final solution, which called for eliminating the Jewish people from Europe. Most estimates believe that 260,000 people were killed in the Nazi gas chambers at Sobibor - making it a small sized operation compared to Auschwitz or Dachau. What makes Sobibor so noteworthy - the escape on October 14, 1943 when over 300 of the 600 Jewish prisoners escaped into the Polish death camp and lived to tell their story. The film does a remarkable job of telling the story of these determined heros - and heroines who refused to give into despair, and hoped in spite of a hopeless situation. The film was nominated for 5 Emmy Awards, and Won the Golden Globeaward n 1988 for Best Motion Picture made for TV. Excellent.

7. Halloween ScreamFest 2008

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents the 9th annual Halloween ScreamFest. Time again for another Streaming, Screaming Halloween Film Festival! If you enjoy horror films, scary tv shows, or videos of weird psychic phenomena of of the unknown - we got some mean and nasty witches, a myriad of monsters, and a voluminous viscous vat of vapid vampires. A Zillion Zombies? Not quite a zillion maybe, but they are good ones. We rattled some skeletons in the closet and pulled out the Preview Trailer from the debut ScreamFest in 2000. We made a Top 10 Viewer's Choice, a Silent Horror Classics video library, and over 30 suggested titles, which are displayed randomly as images on the top right banner. (refresh the page, another suggestion via a roll of the dice. Here's more suggestions - Ouija Board episode from One Step Beyond, Beverly Hillbilies Trick or Treat, or take in some casper the Friendly Ghost.,

8. Matty, Belle, & Casper by Mattel - Version one

Description: Matty Mattel, Sister Belle, and casper - talking dolls by Mattel - Each one says eleven phrases, so you'll never know what they're going to say - no really!

9. Matty, Belle, & Casper by Mattel - Version two

Description: Matty Mattel, Sister Belle, and casper - talking dolls by Mattel - Each one says eleven phrases, so you'll never know what they're going to say - no really!

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