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1. Black Duck

Description: The Black Duck is sent out away because of his feather color and tied to a tree. Then he's a hero when he saves the day and chases away the mean cats. Lots of the cats show an early inkling to the great Felix cartoons made by the same studio (Fleischer / Famous).

2. Felix the Cat - Pedigreedy

Description: Felix tries to get into the 400 Club, but the cats question his lineage! Felix tells them that his roots go back to Noah's Ark!

3. Happy Birthday Nancy Reagan

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in Hollywood - July 6th!

4. Popeye - Me Musical Nephews

Description: Popeye is babysitting for his nephews - Poopeye, Pipeye, Pupeye, and Peepeye. Well the young sailor cats are all into music - and jamming on into the night. Meanwhile, Popeye is looking for some shut eye.

5. Tale of Two Kitties

Description: Another classic tale - A feline comedy duo of Abbott and Costello try to catch a little birdie for breakfast. But this birdie has a strong sense of survival! -Warning - contains images of improper use of firearms.

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