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1. Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Cheney Vase

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents - Alfred Hitchcock Presents. This episode, The Cheney Vase, features darren mcgavin as a scoundrel trying to rip off an old lady. Also stars Carolyn Jones and of course Sir Alfred.

2. Man with the Golden Arm

Description: Frank Sinatra is Frankie Machine - a recovering heroin addict, married to a crippled woman who encourages him to deal cards with his “golden“ arm. Meanwhile, he's in love with another woman (Kim Novak). Lots of really cool period jazz music - though old blues eyes doesn't sing, he does play some terrible drums, especially when he's jones-ing in a cold turkey spasm. Also of note is Elmer Bernstein's really cool jazzy music, which helps drive the film's emotional rollercoaster.

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