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1. Dr. Barre - Team Dentist

Description: LikeTelevision™ presents Dr Barre - The Dentist, a comedy about dr. barre, the team dentist for the Vermont Vikings - a semi-pro hockey franchise.

2. Winky The Watchman

Description: This cartoon was made in the mid forties - and was probably sponsored by the American Dental Association. Basically, this animation is REALLY weird - and features some real world scenes at a dentist's office with some kids.. who tells them the story of Winky the Watchman, who is in charge of making sure the pillars are taken care of. (The pillars are a set of teeth). Also has some unintended racial stereotyping foolishness - which just makes it even more creepy... as the Good 'uns are white folks... and the Bad 'uns are black... who seem to speak in the ridiculous Steppin Fetchit manner, often prevelent in entertainment made in this period. If you like Dental humor - make sure you search for Dentist, and find a bunch more gems. If you liked this one... you'll love dr. barre - the hockey team dentist.

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