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1. Felix the Cat - All Puzzled

Description: felix the cat in an early adventure helps a man solve a difficult puzzle. Nice vintage music from the '20's.

2. Felix the Cat - April Maze

Description: felix the cat and his nephews Inky and Dinky go for a quiet picnic when a storm kicks up. Also there's a great scene with a hare who steals Felix's picnic basket with the help of a charmed snake. Classic! April Maze was created in 1930.

3. Felix The Cat - Bold King Cole

Description: From 1936 - it's felix the cat in Bold King Cole. In this toon, Old King Cole likes to brag a lot about his courage and the ghosts of the castle want to teach him a lesson, and let the air out of the windbag. Terrific animation - and of course, felix the cat, who is always cool. A killer classic from Van Beuren Studios.

4. Felix the Cat - Doubles For Darwin

Description: Felix burrows through the transatlantic pipeline to get some monkeys and fights with a swordfish.

5. Felix the Cat - Felix Finds Out

Description: Felix wants to help a boy find out why the moon shines. Complete with Pink Elephants and a killer 1920's jazz track.

6. Felix the Cat - Felix Gets The Can

Description: Felix decides to go to Alaska and get some fresh salmon. Instead - he gets canned. Nice vintage music from the '20's.

7. Felix the Cat - Felix Goes to Hollywood

Description: Felix has to earn the money to go to Hollywood - in search of the elusive long term contract. Felix has several adventures on his journey to stardom.

8. Felix the Cat - Felix Goes West

Description: Felix agrees with Horace Greeley - Go West young Cat! Complete with Indians and a killer 1920's jazz track.

9. Felix The Cat - Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel brings you - felix the cat in The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs. Felix befriends the gold producing goose, grinds up the eggs to coins, and distributes them to everyone in his village. Then a pirate steals the goose and Felix must come to the rescue.

10. Felix the Cat - Monkees with Magic

Description: Felix helps a painter draw a picture with magic and things get mighty strange. Nice vintage music from the '20's.

11. Felix the Cat - Pedigreedy

Description: Felix tries to get into the 400 Club, but the cats question his lineage! Felix tells them that his roots go back to Noah's Ark!

12. Felix the Cat - Romeeow

Description: Felix rides in on a motorcycle and starts courting Juliet. Then he has to contend with a jealous Romero. But Felix, ol Mr. Cool - gets the girl at the end. Nice vintage music from the '20's.

13. Felix the Cat - Tea Time

Description: Felix has a typical madcap day - nice pancake billboard, crazy effects, - vintage cat! Nice vintage music from the '20's.

14. Felix the Cat - Two Lip Time

Description: Felix chases a mouse onto a ship and the ship heads off to Holland, where he meets up with Dutch girls and windmills. Two Lip Time - Get it? Nice vintage music from the '20's.

15. Felix the Cat in Neptune Nonsense

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel proudly presents Neptune Nonsense starring felix the cat. Felix is looking for a friend for his goldfish - so he takes his search underwater and meets up with all kinds of fish, and electric eel and an Octopus. He even meets King Neptune - who has a topless little Meramid swimming about his head. Huh? What is going on under the sea? Watch it and find out.

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