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1. Alfred Hitchcock Hour - Piece of the Action

Description: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour debuted in 1962 afterseven seasons of success with Alfred Hitchcock Presents, a half hour show that ran from 1955-1962. The first episode called a Piece of the Action starred gig young as a professional gambler named Duke Marsden. His brother, Chuck Marsden (played by Robert Redford, age 25) is supposed to be going to join a law firm in Boston, but Chuck thinks he should be a professional gambler instead and when he visits his brother, he comes looking for a high stakes poker game. This is a great episode, so I won't give you any spoilers. Okay, I can't resist. Raymond Bailey, best known as Mr. Drysdale of the Beverly Hillbillies gets whacked for cheating in the first 5 minutes. Just enjoy the show, and go wow after it is over.

2. I Drunk Too Much

Description: I Drunk Too Much comes to LikeTelevision from Jon Bare, out in sunny California. This short film and music video tells the story how Jon got a D.U.I. in California because he ... well.... had too much to drink. One is reminded of the Bobby Fuller Four - I fought the law... and the law won. Jon still has the Mazda RX 7, and animated the dancing fried chicken legs. Check out this mondo music video, rolled up in broadband internet media, and folded into a cool song. Also - check out James Dean, doing a PSA with gig young on Driving Safety.

3. James Dean PSA for Driving Safety

Description: James Dean in an ironic PSA (public service announcement) for driving safety with gig young. A disinterested Dean tells young kids to drive safely and that the life you might save, could be his. (Dean was killed in a terrible car wreck in his Porsche 550 Spyder, which was a convertible sports car. He had already received a ticket for speeding that same day!) I believe this was made for the California Highway Patrol - probably as part of a plea bargain to get out of another speeding ticket. Dean was killed by a fellow named Turnipseed - see the James Dean Story, a documentary on LikeTelevision, for more on the story.

4. Video Postcards James Dean

Description: Check out a special page to send a video postcard to a friend. This one features Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to President John F. Kennedy.

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