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1. How Awful About Allan

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a cult classic made for tv movie called How Awful About Allan starring Anthony Perkins, Julie Harris, and Joan hackett. This made for tv movie was released in 1970 and is based on a story by Henry Farrell, who also wrote another terrific pyscho drama called Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford). As expected, Anthony Perkins plays the torrmented Allan, who just got released from the psycho ward and is going home even though the doctors are not sure he is fully well. It seems there was a tragic accident involving Allan's dad who dies in a fire that scars his sister Katherine (Julie Harris) and leaves Allan blinded. As with all good pyschological thrilers - there are lots of unexpected turns to the story.

2. Trapped

Description: A very good counterfeit bill is once again being passed and the US Treasury is out to find and destroy the plates. So they work a deal with Tris Stewart (Lloyd Bridges) who is in jail for counterfeiting and he might know where those plates are. Tris goes along with it, and then escapes. Classic film noir suspense from the late 1940s - featuring Lloyd Bridges, father of Beau and Jeff Bridges, and the Dad on Sea Hunt. And no one cuts his air hose.

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