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1. Man Behind The Badge

Description: This is a cool cop show from 1955 that honored real policemen or public servants. This episode is about a man named Grady Norton at the US weather bureau in Miami. He was one of the first to track the movement of hurricanes and tropical storms using radar and ongoing communications with the US Navy's ships at sea. This show relives Grady tracking a tropical storm heading for Miami and saving many lives through a series of weather forecasts and alerts. He is honored at NOAA's Hall of fame - and won Meritorious Service in 1949 and the Exceptional Service Award in 1955.

2. She Demons

Description: She Demons is a classic 50's sci-fi movie, a B movie, where B is for BAD. A nazi colonel is performing horrible experiments on beautiful women, trying to help his wife get her face back, after she was disfigured in a lab accident years ago. A hurricane brings some new guests to the island, who learn the truth about the evil scientist and his experimentson women. This movie reaches for new lows in poor writing, acting, and production - which of course is why it is so cool. While not as bad as some Ed Wood masterpieces - it does approach this level of lameness. See if you don't agree. Best viewed by those with time on their hands.

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