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1. Ann Boleyn Gets Her Head Chopped Off In The Tower Of London

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in History - May 20!

2. Arrested Development - Bringing Up Buster

Description: Bringing Up Buster aired in November 2003, season 1, episode 3. Buster, a total mama's boy, leaves his mother and moves in with Michael. George-Michael wants to join the play hoping to steal a kiss from Maeby, but when Tobias becomes director, everything falls apart.

3. Arrested Development - My Mother the Car

Description: Lindsay gets upset when none of the inmates in prison seem to notice her when she visits her dad in the slammer. So she keeps going for a sleazier look with each new visit. The she learns that her antics are causing her dad to have to pay off some prisoners who are hurling insults at his daughter.

4. Ballet Mecanique

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents Fernand Leger's remarkable 1924 short film Ballet Mechanique. Fernand Leger was one of the greatest French Cubist painters (do a google image search of his name) and a contemporary of Pablo Picasso. In the early days of film as an artform, Leger created this masterpiece - which is landmark film in the development of montage, a cinematic tool that juxtiposes two or more images to infer related ideas or events. The best known example is Sergei Eisenstein's scene from Battleship Potemkin - the Odessa Steps segment with the baby carriage rolling down the steps and the mother's eyeglasses - made a year after this film.

5. Betsy Wetsy by Ideal

Description: When I grow up - I want to be a Mommy! Hey -you don't have to wait for the nineties, you can be a young mother right now! She cries real tears too!

6. Bigamist, The

Description: The LikeTelevision™ movie channel proudly presents - The Bigamist, starring Edmond O'Brien, with Joan Fontaine and Ida Lupino as his better halves, or would they be quarters. Also stars Edmund Gwenn, best known as Santa, Kris Kringle on Miracle on 42nd Street, as a pesky investigator for an adoption agency. A cool dark movie - with the screenplay by Collier Young, known for his great Sci-Fi series - One Step Beyond with John Newland. Collier Young is also the producer. Directed by Ida Lupino, who was married to Collier Young from 1948 - 1951. check it out!

7. Billy the Kid versus Dracula

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a 1966 film called Billy the Kid versus Dracula. That's right - a western gothic kind of thing. Starring John Carradine as Dracula, Chuck Courtney as William Bonney, alias Billy the Kid. Melinda Plowman as Betty Bentley, the object of Billy's affection, and Dracula too. Both want Miss Bentley to be their bride.

8. Blood Feast

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Blood Feast - with William Kerwin, Connie Mason, and Mal Arnold - as an insane Egyptian Caterer named Fuad Ramses. Mr. Ramses wants to recreate an ancient Egyptian Feast with young girls body parts. This film is remarkable for the year it was made - 1963 - and the bloody gore, captured in living color. Also - the acting performances are so terrible - they become memorable.

9. Bonanza - Feet of Clay

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents -Bonanza - featuring Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker, and Pernell Roberts. This episode features special guests - Dan Duryea and Christine White.

10. Boy in the Plastic Bubble, The

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a cult classic made for tv movie called The Boy in the Plastic Bubble starring John Travolta, Robert Reed, Diane Hyland, and Glynnis O'Connor. Travolta stars as Tod Lubitch, a real kid with a huge problem with his immune system, so he has to live in the plastic bubble. While most folks remember the imfamous Jerry Seinfeld episode with the kid in the plastic bubble (a.k.a. Bubble Boy), few have seen this mildly annoying sugar coated California treat. The film is filled with star power - with Robert Reed, best known as Mike Brady from the Brady Bunch as the Dad, Ralph Bellamy as the Immunologist, and Diana Hyland as the mother. As you might already know - she was John Travolta's lover at the time (she was 41, Travolta about 23). She died on March 27, 1977 in Travolta's arms after suffering through breast cancer. Diana Hyland was also the original mom and tv show wife of Dick Van Patten on the show Eight is Enough. Diana Hyland wins an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, the movie was also nominated for an Emmy in Sound Editing and Outstanding Writing in a Special.

11. Brink of Life

Description: LikeTelevision™ presents - a 1958 film directed by the Swedish legend, Ingmar Bergman called Nara livet, or Brink of Life. The film takes place in the maternity ward of a hospital and explores the powerful emotions of childbirth. Three pregnant women are the stars - each at a different stage of being pregnant and also in very different relationships with the men who fathered the babies. The film is really terrific and the fact that it was shot in the 1950s makes it even more compelling - knowing that the young girls are now in their 70s and 80s - and the babies in the movie are now almost 50 years old.

12. Brother From Another Planet

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a cult classic low budget alien film called Brother From Another Planet. Written and directed by John Sayles, an alien crash lands in Harlem while on the run from evil outer space bounty hunters. Joe Morton, is the brother from another planet - who is a fugitive slave on the lamb. John Sayles and David Strathaim play the two Men in Black - who are diabolical bounty hunters trying to capture the gentle hero. The film was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize at the 1985 Sundance Film Festival.

13. Caltiki - Classic Sci-Fi Trailers

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Sci-Fi channel brings you - Caltiki - The Immortal Monster. This strange goo gets crossed with some atomic radiation and all craziness breaks loose. Watch the scientists try and solve this one - you shouldn't mess with mother Nature!

14. Camp Granada by Milton Bradley

Description: Whoa - too cool! The Camp Granada game from Milton Bradley. Features the author of the popular song Alan Sherman doing a takeoff on his hilarious song, Camp Granada!

15. Charlie Chaplin - Gold Rush

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents The Gold Rush - a cool film silent film by Charlie Chaplin about the Gold Rush in Alaska. The film has been called the greatest film of the silent era.

16. Clark Gable Joins The US Army

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in Hollywood - August 12!

17. Day of Wrath

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Vredens Dag, or Day of Wrath (1943), Carl Theodor Dreyer's pychodrama about witches, priests and passion set in 1600s. Lisbeth Movin plays Anne - a young woman in her twenties who got married to the priest in the village, Reverend Absalom - who is about 55 or 60. An amazing film about witches, burning at the stake, forced confessions, wild passion, and bad decisions. The cinematography is pure genius. Danish language film with English subtitles. We liked this movie

18. Dementia 13

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Dementia 13 - written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Trouble lurks in an old Irish castle. A family of weirdos- but who is the killer? Is it?

19. Edith Piaf Marries A 25 Year Old Hairdresser In Paris

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day In History - October 6!

20. Evel Knievel

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Evel Knievel starring George Hamilton as Evel Knievel and Sue Lyon as Linda Knievel. The movie originally aired as a made for TV movie in 1971 at the height of Evel Knievel's fame. While George Hamilton is an unlikely actor to play Evel, he does a decent job. And Sue Lyon, best known for her role as Lolita, the 16 year old vamp in Stanley Kubrick's classic take on the Vladmir Nabikoff novel - does a great job as Linda Knievel, wife and soulmate of the daredevil motorcycle hero. Much of the movie is filmed in Butte, Montana where Evel Knievel was born. Best of all - the film features some terrific archive footage of Evel Knievel, even the famed jump at Caesar's Palace, December 31, 1967 - which is one of the most spectacular wipeouts in his illustrious career as a daredevil motorcycle showman.

21. First Nobel Prizes Awarded In Stockhom, Sweden

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day In History - December 10!

22. Floating Weeds - Ukigusa

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Floating Weeds or Ukigusa which is the roginal Japanese title. This is one of acclaimed director Yasujiro Ozu's finest works. It tells the wonderful story of Komajuro Arashi, an aging master of a travelling Kabuke troupe that is hits the skids in a small Japanese towns. (or to coin a phrase from This is Spinal Tap - their appeal is becoming more selective). Master Komajuro wants to see his son, who has grown up since his last visit a decade ago and his aging mistress, Sumiko. Of course this angers his current flame, the top actress of the show. Like many a spurned women, she seeks vengence and the results are disastrous. This is a great story from one of the best directors of all time and while many people might prefer Ozu's Tokyo Monogatari, Floating Weeds is my personal favorite.

23. Flop Goes The Weasel

Description: Another classic tale - Flop Goes The Weasel. A weasel tries to convince a baby chick that he is his mother. But the chick figures this out and clobbers him instead! Video no longer offered.

24. Goofy Goofy Gander

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents a classic Little Audrey cartoon - Goofy Goofy Gander. In a typical American classroom, the students are learning about mother Goose and some classic nursery rhymes. Well, everyone except Little Audrey who is perusing a funky comic book about some gangsters. She gets sent to the corners and daydreams about mother Gooseland. Little Boy Blue is swinging like mad, Little Tommy Tucker is crooning (like a Frank Sinatra caricature), The goose that lays the golden eggs, Humpty Dumpty, the Old Woman who lives in the Shoe - and more. Plus the gangsters infiltrate mother Goose Land with their Thompson sub machine guns. rat-tat-tat. Great stuff

25. Happy Birthday Mother Teresa

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in History - August 10!

26. Happy Birthday Raquel Welch!

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in Hollywood - September 5!

27. His Girl Friday

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - His Girl Friday - with Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, and Ralph Bellamy. Directed by Howard Hawks. Based on the story - The Front Page, by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur.

28. Horror Hotel - City of the Dead

Description: The LikeTelevision™ movie channel is proud to present Horror Hotel, starring Christopher Lee, a legend in the horror genre. The film also introduces a new star - Venetia Stevenson as Nan Barlow, the young student who will get sacrificed in part 3. Well guess what - Venetia Stevenson is Don Everly's ex-wife, like Phil & Don, Bye, Bye Love and Wake Up Little Susie. But wait - Don and Venetia's daughter married Axel Rose of Guns 'n Roses, so that makes her Axel's ex mother-in-law. (they got divorced). But I digress - Horror Hotel is a really creepy movie that is also funny at times because the acting is - shall we say - stiff.

29. How Awful About Allan

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a cult classic made for tv movie called How Awful About Allan starring Anthony Perkins, Julie Harris, and Joan Hackett. This made for tv movie was released in 1970 and is based on a story by Henry Farrell, who also wrote another terrific pyscho drama called Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford). As expected, Anthony Perkins plays the torrmented Allan, who just got released from the psycho ward and is going home even though the doctors are not sure he is fully well. It seems there was a tragic accident involving Allan's dad who dies in a fire that scars his sister Katherine (Julie Harris) and leaves Allan blinded. As with all good pyschological thrilers - there are lots of unexpected turns to the story.

30. Indiscretion of an American Wife

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents Indiscretion of an American Wife - a dark 1953 romantic drama about Mary Forbes (Jennifer Jones), an American wife and mother in Rome who had an affair with a handsome Italian-American named Giovanni Doria, played by Montgomery Clift. Now she is taking the train to Paris to rejoin her husband and daughter but Giovanni is trying to convince her to stay. The entire movie takes place at the train station.

31. James Dean Story

Description: This documentary on James Dean examines the actor's life - starting in Indiana where he was born to his tragic death on the highway. The film was directed by Robert Altman.

32. Johnny Carson - The Tonight Show

Description: This short video clip features a monologue snippet, followed by a hilarious time Art Fern trying to hawk an electric Gypsu (Ginsu knife spoof). Muhammad Ali chats with Johnny about boxing and looking good, followed by George Foreman who wicked funny. This video clip closes with the Smother's Brothers doing a terrific ditty for the crowd!

33. Johnny Carson - The Tonight Show

Description: This short video clip features Johnny trying out some Yoga moves - and morphs into classic slapstick comedy. Bill Maher offers his thoughts on having a Jewish mother and a Catholic father. Mel Brooks makes an appearance, followed by Carnac the Magnificen, Bobby Kennedy and Harry Belfonte, Joan Embery of the San Diego Zoo and Gary Shandling muses about cows and people yelling moo from their cars.

34. Jungle Book

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Jungle Book - with Sabu, Joseph Calleia, Rosemary De Camp, and Patricia O'Rourke. A boy is raised in the jungle by wolves and later grows into a man who confront tigers and and evil men. Based on the book by Rudyard Kipling.

35. Kid, The

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - The Kid starring Jackie Coogan the kid and Charlie Chaplin as the nice guy who takes care of him. Made in 1921 - this film made a star of young Coogan, who would grow up to play Uncle Fester on the Adams Family. Very entertaining - Chaplin's genius is timeless.

36. Little Princess

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - The Little Princess - with Shirley Temple, Richard Greene, and Cesar Romero. Based on the novel by Frances Hodgeson Burnett. See the movie that several other renditions of the classic tale - The Little Princess.

37. Little Shop of Horrors

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Little Shop of Horrors - with Jonathan Haze as Seymour Krelboined, father of Audrey, the blood thirsty plant that feeds on assorted human parts. This movie is a classic!

38. Made For Each Other

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Made For Each Other - with Jimmy Stewart, Carole Lombard, Charles Coburn, Lucile Watson, and Eddie Quillen.

39. Marilyn Monroe Story

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - The Legend of Marilyn Monroe - narrated by John Huston. Learn the details of her troubled childhood, the break-up with jolting Joe, and watch her sing happy birthday to Jack Kennedy.

40. Nosferatu

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents Nosferatu - the first film about Dracula, the vampire from Bram Stoker's novel. And better still - it comes complete with a new soundtrack, updated with cool music, F/X, reduced flicker, cleaned up title boards - very cool!

Writing Credits: Henrik Galeen. Music: D.P. Hawthorn, Aqualads, Fred, Jimmy, Collin, PigFuc*er, Jeremy, Jason, HipShack, and more! Soundtrack / Score: D.P. Hawthorn.

41. Nothing Sacred

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents Nothing Sacred - a romantic comedy starring Carole Lombard and Frederic March. NYC newspaper reporter Wallace Cook tries to redeem himself after a hoax blows up by covering the story of Hazel Flagg, a Vermont girl dying of radium poisoning. (yes, it's fake news!) But the truth is, she's perfectly healthy. BTW - this 1937 movie in Technicolor features Margaret Hamilton in a short scene, (2 years later she gets a huge role, also in color as The Wicked Witch of The West The Wizard of Oz.) Warning: contains idiotic racial stereotyping typical of the period. Our apologies, it is presented as a piece of history.

42. Oil Heat TV Commercial

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a classic TV Commercial for Oil Heat. It features a famous actress taking a nice hot shower and expounding on the thrilling experience of taking a hot shower. Powered of course by oil heat. So who is the actress you ask? Why none other than Charlotte Rae, best known as the house mother Mrs. Garrett on Facts of Life which first aired in August 1979 on NBC. The show was a spinoff of Different Strokes.

43. Phantom of the Opera, The

Description: The LikeTelevision™ movie channel proudly presents - The Phantom of the Opera. This early silent film made in 1925 stars Lon Chaney as the Phantom, also known as Eric who is a musical genius, but alas - butt ugly. Unlike the 1962 version with Herbert Lom, we do not get any background as to what happened to Erik - that made him so disfigured. (In the 1962 version - he is burned in a fire by some chemicals as he tries to retrieve his stolen music from a shady publisher.) This is the first film version of the Gaston Leroux novel, so please don't expect anyone will break into song. This is not the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical version released in 2004. Directed by Rupert Julian with Mary Philbin as Christine Daae (no relation to Regis), and Norman Kerry as Vicomte Raoul de Chagny, Christine's boyfriend. Kerry also stars as the swashbuckling hero of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

44. Pied Piper in The Wild Swans

Description: You'll love these funky Pied Piper cartoons - which feature a real life Pied Piper who does the introduction, singing no less... before the animation begins. Of course this is an old Hans Christian Andersen story... done on a major budget. I think Pixar can rest easy tonight - HA!

45. Popeye - Ancient Fistory

Description: Popeye the sailor man is “Cinderfella“ in this cartoon short and Bluto is the equivalent of the evil stepmother. Popeye's fairy godfather gives him till midnight to win Olive's heart - or it's back to the rags.

46. Private Benjamin Starring Goldie Hawn Is Released

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in Hollywood - October 10!

47. Psychomania

Description: The LikeTelevision™ movie channel proudly presents Psychomania (a.k.a. Death Wheelers, The Living Dead, The Frog and Death Wheelers are ... Psycho Maniacs) - a bizarre cult classic Biker film - where the leader gets into a weird occult idol worship of frogs, and then ends his morbid existence, so he can come back and be even more terrible. The Biker Gang is called the Living Dead, and they all have their names monogrammed on their little jumpsuits. How adorable is that? Just like The Wiggles or something.

48. Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cereal

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents a terrific Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cereal classic tv commercial that aired as part of the Adventures of the Nelson Family (Ozzie and Harriet). It features another brand called mother's Oats - I never enjoyed that one... but it sure looks good. There's nothing like some warm oatmeal sticking to your ribs on a cold winter morning. Mmmmm!

49. Samurai One - Musashi Miyamoto

Description: Samurai 1, also known as Musashi Miyamoto, is the first part in the epic trilogy by legendary Japanese film director Hiroshi Inagaki. The village wild man, Takezo grows up and learns the way of the Samurai and eventually becomes - Musashi Miyamoto, the greatest Samurai warrior in Japan. Meanwhile, Takezo's best friend, Matahachi makes some bad decisions that ruin his life. At one time he was betrothed to the lovely Otsu, but he ends up marrying a nasty witch named Oko and his life becomes hell. This is part one - the rest of the trilogy will be available soon!

50. Smash-Up The Story of a Woman

Description: The LikeTelevision Classic Movie channel proudly presents Smash-Up, The Story of a Woman starring Susan Hayward, Lee Bowman, Eddie Albert, and Marsha Hunt. Susan Hayward plays Angelica Evans, a cabaret singer who becomes a loving wife and mother. Her husband, Ken Conway - played by Lee Bowman becomes a big radio singing star and as he rises to the top, she slowly slips into becoming an alcoholic. Eddie Albert stars as Steve Nelson, Conway's song writing buddy who seems quite happy with the city life. (sorry, had to have some mention of Green Acres, a terrific classic tv show that starred Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor.)

51. Snow White

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Snow White - directed by Erich Kobler, this German film is a classic adaptation of a familiar tale. Here's the twist - REAL people, not cartoon characters. Also, lots of funky costumes, bad haircuts and English is dubbed (low budget)- so you get the “Godzilla effect“ adding a touch of bizarre!

52. Suddenly

Description: LikeTelevision™ presents - “Suddenly“ a 1954 thriller starring Frank Sinatra and Sterling Hayden. A hired gun and his merry band of thugs hold a family hostage as part of plot to kill the President.

53. Theater of Blood

Description: Vincent Price plays a washed up Shakespearean actor named Edward Lionheart, who goes crazy after he loses The Critic's Award. Though the critics think he committed suicide after losing, he is actually alive, and arranges a Shakespearean death for all the critics who spurned him. Great movie, fine acting, and filmed in Britain.

54. Wheels on Meals w/ Jackie Chan

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Wheels on Meals, a terrific early film from Jackie Chan and Samo Hung Kam-Bo. The film originally released as Kwai Tsan Ttseh was made in 1984 and stars Jackie Chan and Biao Yuen as street vendors who come to the rescue of a beautiful woman named Sylvia, played by Lola Fomer. As with most Jackie Chan movies, there's lots of great martial arts, comedy and bascially good clean fun.

55. White Zombie

Description: White Zombie was one of the first blockbuster horror films of its day. Released in 1932, and starring Bela Lugosi, who was a huge box office hit from 1931 with Dracula, Lugosi plays the evil Murder Legendre, who can control people with a little white powder, a hand clench, and a nasty glare. A young couple goes to get married at a rich friend's Haitian plantation , but the rich friend, named Beaumont wants Madeleine for himself, and teams up with Legendre to make Madeleine his Zombie slave. Whoa!

56. Wild Women of Wongo

Description: mother Nature and Father Time try an experiment - they put all the beautiful women in Wongo with stupid, ugly men (brutish is the term used in the flick) and all the handsome men are live on the nearby island of Goona - with their unattractive wives.

57. Woman Hunter, The

Description: The Woman Hunter is a classic 1970s era made for TV movie, starring Barbara Eden in her first role after I Dream of Jeannie. She stars as Dina Hunter, a rich lady who marries Jerry Hunter, played by Robert Vaughn, best known as the man from U.N.C.L.E. Dina is pursued by Paul Carter, played by Stuart Whitman. Dina is afraid that Carter is an international jewel thief and killer. Watch this classic - and figure out who done it... plus a special bonus - you get to see Jeannie in a bikini where her belly button is revealed! Oh my!

58. Yojimbo - The Bodyguard

Description: Starring Toshiro Mifune as Sanjuro Kuwabatake, the Ronin, or landless Samurai who comes to a crossroad that leads him to the town where feuding gangsters vie for control. Sanjuro plots to pit the gangsters against each other and free the people. Lots of terrific swordplay!

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