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1. Office, The - Business Trip

Description: Michael, Oscar and Andy go to Canada for a business trip.

2. Office, The - Crime Aid

Description: Michael plans a charity event after the office is broken into.

3. Office, The - Customer Survey

Description: Jim and Dwight get low ratings on a customer survey. Something's fishy though.

4. Office, The - Dinner Party

Description: Jan decides to throw a dinner party with Michael and as you might imagine, it is the most ridiculous series of dinner party nightmares all hauled into one episode. Lots of fun. You'll have pity on por Michael, Jan really treats him like a dog SEASON 4, EPISODE 9 Aired April 10, 2008

5. Office, The - Employee Transfer

Description: After corporate learns that Michael and Holly are dating, she is shipped back to New Hampshire.

6. Office, The - Frame Toby

Description: Toby is back and not everyone is happy about that. Especially Michael, who can't stand Toby's guts.

7. Office, The - Goodbye Toby

Description: It's Toby's last day and Michael wants the ultimate party to celebrate Toby's departure from Dunder Mifflin. Meanwhile Jim gets some fireworks for the party and plans to propose marriage to Pam, who just got accepted to an art school in NY. But wait, something might ruin his plans. Back in the corporate headquarters, the wunderkind Ryan is getting busted for fraud and hauled awat in handcuffs. A great action packed episode. SEASON 4, EPISODE 14 Aired May 15, 2008

8. Office, The - Local Ad

Description: The folks at Dunder Mifflin are going to make a local ad. Michael is looking for something cutting edge, like MTV on crack. Fast cuts. Fun episode!

9. W.C. Fields - Dentist

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents W.C. Fields in The Dentist. In this 25 minute short film, the dentist is worried about his daughter, who likes the ice man. The disgruntled father threatens to buy a Frigidaire! Meanwhile, back at the office, the crazy dentist does his thing - also featured is the famous scene (see pic below) with its implied sadistic-sexual overtones. Very cheeky content for the day.

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