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1. Bonanza - Desert Justice

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents - Bonanza - featuring Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker, and Pernell Roberts. This episode features special guests - Claude Akins, Fintan Meylar, Wesley Lau, John Wengraf and Will Wright. You might recognize Wealey Lau from the perry mason series - he played the cool cop, Lt. Andy Anderson.

2. Boy With Green Hair

Description: A very good family movie, Boy With Green Hair features a young Dean Stockwell (from Quantum Leap), Pat O'Brien, Barbara Hale (Della Street from perry mason), and Robert Ryan. It even has Dwayne Hickman, who later starred as Dobey Gillis. A war orphan wakes up one day with green hair. And later he finds out how it happened, but no one believes his story. Great story and classic period film!

3. Lady of Burlesque

Description: A classic murder mystery - an old opera house has become a venue for a Burlesque Vaudeville troop, led by Dixie Daisy (Barbara Stanwyck) who is bringing in large crowds with her sassy song and dance numbers. Then, the girls start getting murdered - who is the killer? You will have to watch and find out! Based on the novel, The G-String Murders by the famous stripper, Gypsy Rose Lee. Be sure notice William Talman in part one, a.k.a. Burger on perry mason, waving at the girls on stage. Now we know why Perry won all those cases, Hamilton was watching the girly shows instead of preparing his briefs for trial.

4. One Step Beyond - Forests of the Night

Description: This episode of One Step Beyond features the great Alfred Ryder in the lead role, with Mark Roberts and Douglas Dick. Three guys go hunting, and play a funky fortune telling game with chopsticks. Ryder picks a weird chopstick, and they read him the message. When he hears it, he seems to be possessed - by a leopard, who eventually takes over his spirit. Later on, Ryder disappears - and they find a leopard in the American west, where no leopards live. No zoo or circus has reported one missing either! You probably remember Mark Roberts and Douglas Dick from perry mason, where each of them were guest stars in a few episodes. Mark Roberts was also on General Hospital.

5. One Step Beyond - Mask

Description: This is another terrific episode of One Step Beyond, a cool Sci-Fi TV show from the late 50s, early 60s... that inspired a few other cool sci-fi tv shows like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. The Mask features Wesley Lau, best known as Lt. Andy Anderson from the perry mason tv show, as a soldier named Wollenski. He got lost in the middle of the Egyptian desert during his tour of duty, and wakes up in the hospital with a pillow case over his head... I guess he got sunburned or something. Anyway, for no good reason, he starts drawing some wild hieroglyphics on a napkin and gives the artwork to a guy named Brimley (and while he looks like Wilfred Brimley on the Quaker Oats commercials - it's a different guy)... who just happens to be an archeologist. Small world, huh? Well... it seems that Wollenski has the spirit of some old Pharoah in him, who wants to reveal the whereabouts of his missing tomb. Wait till you see what happens to Wollenski's face. This episode is real weird one, bet you like it! BTW - you can also check out Wesley Lau in Bonanza - Desert Justice on LikeTelevision's Classic TV channel.

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