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1. Popeye - A Haul in One

Description: Another classic Popeye - Olive Oyl is moving so she calls the moving men - Popeye and Bluto. Both men want to woo Olive by demonstrating their moving prowess. Look out for the piano!

2. Popeye - Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp

Description: Popeye the sailor man in the mini-feature film Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp. Olive Oyl is a writer who composes the screenplay of Aladdin. In the story, Popeye gets tricked by an evil merchant who uses Popeye to get the lamp for the princess. And then takes it for himself. After eating his greens, Popeye gets rich and marries the princess (Olive Oyl). In the end, her story gets rejected by the publisher.

3. Popeye - Ali Baba and His Forty Thieves

Description: Popeye the sailor man takes on Ali Baba, played by Bluto and his forty thieves. This cartoon features the classic “tank roll“ in the desert and Wimpy even gets a few lines.

4. Popeye - Ancient Fistory

Description: Popeye the sailor man is “Cinderfella“ in this cartoon short and Bluto is the equivalent of the evil stepmother. Popeye's fairy godfather gives him till midnight to win Olive's heart - or it's back to the rags.

5. Popeye - Assault and Flattery

Description: Bluto is suing Popeye - anf Wimpy is the judge. Bluto comes in all bandaged up in a wheelchair and recounts how Popeye kicked his butt. Popeye has a different story of the events. Some pretty silly court related puns await you.

6. Popeye - Bride and Gloom

Description: Another classic Popeye - Popeye is going to marry Olive Oyl tomorrow! Then both have nightmares about the pending union and get cold feet. What will happen to the couple - see for yourself!

7. Popeye - Cooking with Gags

Description: Another classic Popeye - It's April Fools Day and Bluto is full of laughs - which get Popeye in a hurting mode. Finally, he fights back with some jokes of his own!

8. Popeye - Customers Wanted

Description: Popeye and Brutus are running competing Penny Arcades along the boardwalk. Early arcade “moving picture“ machines show flashbacks to early Popeye and Brutus fights! Wimpy gets to enjoy all of the shows for free! (yea right, like he's really going to pay them back on Tuesday!)

9. Popeye - Date to Skate

Description: Another classic Popeye from Fleischer Studios - run by brother Max Fleischer (Producer) and Dave Fleischer (Director). Popeye decides to take Olive Oyl on a date to the local roller skating rink. But she's a total dork - and Popeye has to make a spinach request from the audience to save the day.... when Olive gets flung out on the street after a Crack the Whip .... gone bad incident. The skating animation by by Willard Bowsky and Orestes Calpini is timeless. This is a remarkable piece of work.

10. Popeye - Eugene The Jeep

Description: From 1940 - it's Popeye in - Eugene the Jeep. Popeye gets a new bundle of joy... but it's not a baby... or a puppy.. it is a new character named Jeep, who is some kind of magical alien creature, who wants to sleep in bed with Popeye. This is one of the rare Popeye cartoons - where he doesn't eat spinach to give him the strength to cure what ails him. I have always been a fan of Eugene the Jeep - and this is one of the best Jeep toons.

11. Popeye - Floor Flusher

Description: Another classic Popeye - Olive has some plumbing problems so she calls in Popeye and Bluto. When Popeye proves the better plumber, Bluto reroutes the water to spring major leaks. Prepared to get wet!

12. Popeye - Fright to the Finish

Description: It's Halloween and Popeye and Bluto are both on the couch with Olive reading scary stories. Popeye the sailor man is waiting for Bluto to leave - which he does, but it's a trick. Bluto then creates all kinds of scary monsters to try to win Olive's heart. In the end - Popeye gets his spinach and Bluto is just a “fraidy-cat“!

13. Popeye - Gopher Spinach

Description: It's time to plant the baby spinach - and Popeye's gardening setup is efficient and remarkable, until a pesky gopher makes his home in the spinach patch. Popeye's gonna shoot 'em! OH NO! Instead of Bluto - you get a cranky bull ready to rumble.

14. Popeye - Greek Mirthology

Description: Another classic Popeye - Popeye tells the boys a story of how he used to use garlic to get strong in the days of ancient Greece - and how he found out about spinach!

15. Popeye - I Don't Scare

Description: Another classic Popeye - It's Friday the 13th - and Olive is afraid to go out on a date with Popeye. Then, Bluto tells her it's really Thursday the 12th and they have a date, which gets Popeye all steamed. Hold on to your rabbit's foot!

16. Popeye - I'm in the Army Now

Description: From 1936 - it Popeye in I'm in the Army now. Whoa - this one is a winner. Popeye and Bluto are competing for the one slot open for the Army - because Olive wants to go out with a military man. Got it.

17. Popeye - Insect to Injury

Description: Another classic Popeye - Some nasty termites have come to eat Popeye out of his house and home. All is lost till Popeye decides to build a steel house!

18. Popeye - Little Swee' Pea

Description: From 1936 - on of Popeye's best... it's Little Swee' Pea. Olive asks Popeye to watch baby Swee' Pea, so Popeye takes him to the zoo for entertainment. When the baby runs off into the animal cages, Popeye will need some spinach to save the day.

19. Popeye - Me Musical Nephews

Description: Popeye is babysitting for his nephews - Poopeye, Pipeye, Pupeye, and Peepeye. Well the young sailor cats are all into music - and jamming on into the night. Meanwhile, Popeye is looking for some shut eye.

20. Popeye - Nearlyweds

Description: Popeye the sailor man is going to marry Olive Oyl. All he has to do is get ready in time. The problem is... Bluto is doing everything he can to slow him down. A good ending to boot!

21. Popeye - Out to Punch

Description: Another classic Popeye - Popeye meets Bluto for the Championship fight. Bluto decides to sabotage Popeye's training to give himself the edge in the big fight. Will it work? See for yourself!

22. Popeye - Parlez Vous Woo

Description: Olive Oyl is wooed by a French announcer, “The Interntional“, on a early TV infomercial. Bluto overhears this and goes into disguise as the suave Frenchman. Complete with a sword duel! Is Popeye a goner?

23. Popeye - Patriotic Popeye

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Patriotic Popeye, starring our favorite spinach eating sailorman, Popeye. In this classic, Popeye tries to encourage his troublesome nephews to have some good clean fun for the July 4th holiday. And all they want to do is get to the fireworks shed and blow up stuff. Then - guess what? Why the boys get into trouble and need Popeye to save them, after a healthy dose of spinach of course. Nice animation - a good clean fun American Holiday celebration featuring the pride of the U.S. Navy, Popeye. Also of note - for some reason, the nephews have been reduced to 2 from 4. I have no idea why - and i am not sure which 2 nephews are featured, so i listed all four in the cast.

24. Popeye - Poopdeck Pappy

Description: Another classic Popeye - Poopdeck Pappy, Popeye's dad, wants to go out drinking and dancing but Popeye thinks he should go to bed. Pappy sneaks out and gets in trouble at the dancehall when he makes eyes at the wrong girl. She's got a BIG boyfriend!

25. Popeye - Popeye for President

Description: Popeye the sailor man is running for president - and it's all tied up. Just one for vote to be cast! By guess who - Olive maybe? Forget Bush, Gore, Bradley, and McCain - This year - it's Popeye for President!

26. Popeye - Private Eye Popeye

Description: Another classic Popeye - Olive has a fabulous emerald that gets stolen so she hires super sleuth, Popeye to solve the case. Cool effect to black & white when the gem is shown!

27. Popeye - Quiet! Pleez

Description: From 1941 - one of Popeye's best... it's a Pappy Classic called Quiet! Pleez. Pappy is under the weather.... ( a hongover, perhaps?) anyway Popeye has to make metropolis as quiet as a mouse so Pappy can get some sleep. Then he'll be ready for his next party!

28. Popeye - Shuteye Popeye

Description: Another classic Popeye - The sailor man just wants a little shuteye - but his loud snoring is keeping a mouse awake - and so the mouse decides to take on Popeye!

29. Popeye - Sinbad the Sailor

Description: Popeye the sailor man takes on a mean Sinbad, played by Bluto. Sinbad sends a giant buzzard to wreck popeye's boat and steals Olive Oyl. Meanwhile, Wimpy has a hamburger. This cartoon features the two-headed cyclops - what more do you need?

30. Popeye - Spooky Swabs

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a classic Popeye cartoon called Spooky Swabs. The scene opens with Popeye and Olive Oyl playing checkers on a raft - when they see a big ship and think they are saved. But wait - it seems this is an old haunted ship filled with a bunch of pirate ghosts (no - Johnny Depp is not in this cartoon) who want to scare the spinach eating sailorboy and his girlfriend.

31. Popeye - Spree Lunch

Description: Popeye the sailor man opens a diner and the Bluto opens his diner across the street. A long drawn out fight over their single customer - Wimpy, who offers to pay them Tuesday.

32. Popeye - Taxi-Turvy

Description: Popeye the sailor man got his medallion and is driving a cab. Well... so is Bluto - and competition for fares grows into an all out war. Especially when Olive is looking for a lift.

33. Popeye -Problem Pappy

Description: From 1941 - one of Popeye's best... it's Problem Pappy. Popeye's dad has a new hobby - flag pole sitting. Popeye is worried for his Dad, who wants to be left alone. Then he gets in trouble... Popeye munches some spinach to save the day.

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