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1. Africa Screams

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Africa Screams! Abbott and Costello go to Africa with animal trainer, circus star Clyde Beatty. The boys are out to get rich on some diamonds - but they get mixed up with bad guys - including former heavyweight champ Max Baer, father of Jethro (Beverly Hillbillies). Lots of lions, trouble, and even a gorilla!

2. Three Stooges - Brideless Groom

Description: Shemp's rich uncle left him $500,000 - but he has to get married. In just a few hours!

3. Three Stooges - Disorder in the Court

Description: The stooges make a mockery of a the trial for Gail Tempest, a dancer charged with murder!

4. Three Stooges - Malice in the Palace

Description: A classic stooges - set somewhere in the Middle East. This film features the scene where Larry is a chef and it seems like he's serving up cat and dog for dinner.

5. Three Stooges - Sing a Song of Six Pants

Description: The stooges run a small tailor shop - The Pip Boys - Larry, Moe and Shemp. They catch the criminals and save the business.

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