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1. Billy the Kid versus Dracula

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a 1966 film called Billy the Kid versus Dracula. That's right - a western gothic kind of thing. Starring John Carradine as Dracula, Chuck Courtney as William Bonney, alias Billy the Kid. Melinda Plowman as Betty Bentley, the object of Billy's affection, and Dracula too. Both want Miss Bentley to be their bride.

2. Folgers TV Commercial w/ Mrs. Olson

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a classic Folgers Coffee TV Commercial with the marital counselor extraordinaire - Mrs. Olson. Yes - Folgers is Mountain Grown, the richest kind of coffee - but there's no mention of Juan Valdez, who came later. There's trouble brewing between a wife and her butthead husband at the weber grill because darn it, she just can't make a decent cup of coffee. Call in the lawyers... oh no, a better idea - let's call in Mrs. Olson. This commercial is a classic!

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