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Intelligent Video Asset Library

LikeTelevision has developed Intelligent Video Asset Library (IVAL) software that allows your company to create a knowledge base of countless video clips, available on demand for your employees, customers or suppliers. Content is quickly accessed via a keyword search and related "channels". No more waiting for the tape to fast forward or meeting where your employees crowd in to the television conference room. The media feed is available at the desktop - anywhere, anytime - when the authorized user needs it.

Customized Delivery

Video and web pages can also be deployed to deliver (or restrict) specific content to different user groups using our targeting software. Our software allows you identify users and deliver content to the right person (or group) and control access - you write the rules.

Feedback & Metrics

Management can also track usage to see what's working and where to apply more education and training.


Productivity & Results

We can take your company's video library and create a remarkable random video access database, enabling your people to be more productive and deliver better service to your customers.

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