Detailed Explanation
For the demonstration, we used existing LikeTelevision promotions and vintage commercials to show how an advertiser has many options for ad placement. For example: we targeted the Johnny Carson commercials to users age 36 and older, either male or female. This was subdivided even further: women over 50 would see the commercial with the Jaguar & Joan Embry, while men over 50 would get the commercial with the Rooster making a mess on Johnny's desk.

For the 14-17 year old demographic, we created random weighted ad insertion modules for the boy's (watch it) and the girl's (watch it) playlists. Watch the commercials change for each demographic group. Now click the "watch it" links again. You should see different toy commercials inserted into the playlists. There are 10 different commercials in the boy's ad queue and 10 different commercials in the girl's ad queue. The commercials will be randomly inserted before and between parts of the video presentation. In this demo's configuration, you have a 1 in 10 chance of seeing the same ad twice.

Any amount of ads can programmed into an advertising queue: 10, 15, 25, any quantity you desire. Ads also can be hard coded into playlists (like the initial lead-in clip on every demographic group). Furthermore, you can apply weighting to an ad's rotation, allowing a customer to choose to fill their ad views quickly (heavy saturation) or over a longer period with a lighter weighting, all while targeting a defined demographic group!

Ad space is limited. Everyone is quickly learning that quality branding is now possible in the Internet medium.

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