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The Randomizer™

Here's something new and fun to play with at LikeTelevision™ - The Randomizer™. Just click the spinner on the picture on the right and it will launch a mystery playlist of a random title - you never know what you will be next. Or spin the wheel and the Randomizer™ will be reloaded, ready to toss up a mystery title and playlist. If you have ever wanted to watch some of the more crazy stuff here at LikeTelevision™, just play with the Randomizer™ for a few minutess - lots of fun.

The Randomizer™ php application is actually pretty simple to pull off. The database is opened in the header, and we create a random number via php:


and then insert the random number as a variable in the URL to watch a video. .. channel=$random.

And so, a custom playlist is created on the fly.

As far as we know - LikeTelevision™ is the only site to offer a random video jukebox of a media library. So by all means be one of the first pioneers to explore this unknown video realm, where dark and scary video clips await, or maybe you will open the door with the beautiful lady instead of the tiger. No one knows for sure.

I am not sure what is so intriguing about chaos, random number generation and mystery - but it sure is fun!

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