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Live At LikeTelevision - Jolene (1999) - Color - 5 min

Live at LikeTelevision™ proudly presents the Jolene - check out this cool performance of Wave to the Worrying. I really like the songwriting chops of this band and the instrumentation is also very cool. Really killer, especially for live music. I regret the video quality is pretty lame - we were using some stinky old hi-8 camcorders and it shows. The quality of the music and recording is excellent. Frank went back in and pulled the original audio tracks from the live performance at LikeTelevision's studio, and tweaked, remixed and synced with the original video performance.

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Live At LikeTelevision - Jolene
Directed by -

(1999) - Color - 5 min

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Live At LikeTelevision - Jolene
Directed by -

Starring - Jolene

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