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Amos and Andy - Check and Double Check (1930) - B&W - 80 min

It is with some hesitation... that LikeTelevision™ presents this Amos and Andy classic film - Check and Double Check. There are some high points in the film that make it more interesting from a historical perspective. It was made in 1930 and is Amos and Andy's first talkie. There's even a part that features Duke Ellington and His Cotten Club Orchestra. Oddly enough, Animator extraordinaire Seymour Kneitel (of Popeye and Casper fame).... made a cartoon with a catchy title - Chick and Double Chick. Hmmm that sounds like an interesting cartoon!

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Amos and Andy - Check and Double Check
Directed by - Melville W. Brown

(1930) - B&W - 80 min
In case you are unaware - Amos (played by Freeman F. Gosden) and Andy (played by Charles J. Correll) were two white guys who wore black face (like Al Jolsen) and provided some highly suspect humor, most of it based on racial stereotyping. For that reason - the films of Amos and Andy are hardly ever seen, at least not on traditional broadcast and television. In this movie - Amos and Andy play struggling NYC cabbies - trying to make up buck while getting caught up in the lives of some of New York's high society.

Part one
Intro, B&W, title screens, credits, etc. The movie begins with a scene in downtown NYC, in the middle of a major traffic jam. We soon learn that Amos and Andy's taxi has broken down... and is causing all the trouble. We meet some of the upper crust types - the Blairs, and Richard Williams.

Amos and Andy in the Haunted House

Amos gives him the look

Part two
A bunch of silly comedy bits... some development in the romance of Mr. Williams and Jean Blair. Plus... the big finish - Duke Ellington and His Cotten Club Orchestra. YA!

Amos and Andy in their open air taxi cab

Part three
After we short canoe ride with our lovers... it's off to the lodge - where the Brothers of the Mystic Knights of the Sea hold their meetings. You'll love Kingfish - HA! Great scene - Amos and Andy must go to the Haunted House to retrieve the note that reads - check and double check, that proves they were there.

Amos and Andy - Check and Double Check Message Board

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Amos and Andy - Check and Double Check
Directed by - Melville W. Brown

Starring - Freeman F. Gosden as Amos, Charles J. Correll as Andrew "Andy" Brown, Charles Morton as Richard Williams, Sue Carol as Jean Blair, Irene Rich as Mrs. Blair, Edward Martindel as John Blair, Russ Powell as Kingfish, Duke Ellington as himself, Ralf Harolde as Ralph Crawford,

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Sue Carol as Jean Blair

Part four
Oh no - a little There's mix-up with the deed and the note for the Mystic Knights - so Richard leaves. Amos and Andy make a frantic dash to Penn Station to save the day. The drive to the train station is awesome - a lot like Hackman in the French Connection - some really insane footage driving thru traffic on a prehistoric blue screen setup.

Amos and Andy join the Brothers of the Mystic Knights of the Sea in full Fez gear.

Charles Morton as Richard Williams

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Duke Ellington as himself

Russ Powell as Kingfish

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a sweet horn solo with Duke Ellington and His Cotten Club Orchestra

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