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Seven Doors of Death (1983) - Color - 87 min

The Seven Doors of Death is a cult classic for fans of extra gross and bloody horror films - complete with countless scenes of especially bloody and scary episodes of nastiness designed to play upon our fears. Set in Cajun Country - deep in the swamps of Louisiana, a New York City girl inherits a hotel with an evil past. It seems this place is home to one of the secret doors to hell itself.

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Seven Doors of Death
Directed by - Lucio Fulci

(1983) - Color - 87 min
The film was made in 1981and directed by Lucio Fulci - this Italian film was originally called - L'aldil? E tu vivrai nel terrore which I think means, The Afterlife, and you will live in Terror, it was released in the US in 1981 as The Beyond, and then in 1983 as The Seven Doors of Death. For lovers of blood and guts - this film delivers the goods. Not for kids... it gets very scary... and stays scary. Don't be surprised if you get nightmares. The film is banned in Germany and Norway. No kidding.

Part one
Intro, Color. Starts with a flashback scene where the warlock gets cruxified with no cross - but he is scourged and nailed to the wall. Followed by title screens, credits, etc. The movie then jumps to present day time - where a young lady from NYC named Liza tells us she has inheritied this hotel in Louisiana. Plus a lovely scene where Joe the plumber gets it in the basement. Plus more nasty blood and guts... but tame compared to other parts of the movie.

The young girl looks like a hybrid of Amy Carter And Chelsea Clinton... well, kinda.

Liza and the Doc

Part two
Ok... Joe the plumber and the painter who fell get taken to the morgue, but alas - they are fully dead yet. Unlike today's zombies from George Romero's Dawn of the Dead... these are more old school zombies, that move pretty slow. Can someone tell mme why that idiot keeps shooting the zombies in the chest - when everybody knows, only a head shot can kill a zombie.

Emily, the blind girl with her doggie

Part three
Part 3 is really over the top scary and bloody. The scene with the flesh eating spiders is especially freaky as tarantulas sink their fangs into some poor guys face... and then a close-up of a tongue bite. Yuck.

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Seven Doors of Death
Directed by - Lucio Fulci

Starring - Katherine MacColl as Liza Merrill, Cinzia Monreale (or Sarah Keller) as Emily, David Warbeck as Dr. John McCabe, Giovanni De Nava as Joe the Plumber, Antoine Saint-John as Schweik, Veronica Lazar as Martha, Al Cliver as Dr. Harris, Anthony Flees as Larry, Michele Mirabella as Martin Avery,

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Once they get infected, their eyes look like this. The original warlock, many years later.

Part four
The big finish... lots of great scenes in this movie... and it could have the most eyeball related special effects in all of film history. The one where with the big nail impaling the eyeball is especially gross. Check out the haunting conclusion.

The eyes have it

Lots of screaming ladies... like this.....ahhhhhhhhh!

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