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Street Fighter, The (1974) - Color - 87 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - The Street Fighter (Gekitotsu! Satsujin Ken) starring Sonny Chiba. Originally released in 1974 - this is one of the most graphically violent martial arts films ever made, and as such - it is NOT for kids. The violence is over the top - in fact, when the movie was first released, it received an X rating, even though there is no course language or nudity. This is the cut version - which tones down the violence a wee bit, and and received an R rating.

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Street Fighter, The
Directed by - Shigehiro Ozawa

(1974) - Color - 87 min
Sonny Chiba stars as Terry Sugury - a classic bad guy hero - who comes to the aid of a wealthy heir to a massive oil corporation. The Japanese mafia is trying to get control by any means possible - and Chiba comes to the rescue to save her from the punks and thugs lurking in the underworld of Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Part one
The film begins as Terry, posing as a priest visits a brutal killer about to be executed in prison. Terry is working for hire and helps him escape. Followed by credits. After that - we meet Terry's sidekick - Ratnose, who seems to modeled after Don Quixote's loyal squire and sidekick - Sancho Panza. Poor Ratnose is a very whimpy sidekick - and nowhere near as interesting as another Rat based sidekick - Ratso Rizzo (played by Dustin Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy... but i digress).

Sonny Chiba as Terry Sugury

The oil corporation heiress

Part two
Oh boy.... this movie is really starting to get nasty as people are getting their eyes ripped out of their sockets and stuff like that. Don't worry - it's all make believe... but I found myself either turning away because it was so gross - or busting out laughing, because it was so idiotic.

Gerald Yamada as Rakuda no Cho, a.k.a. Ratnose

Part three
The mayhem continues as Terry finds new ways to use his martial arts skills to slaughter countless thugs across Japan and Hong Kong.

Street Fighter, The Message Board

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Street Fighter, The
Directed by - Shigehiro Ozawa

Starring - Sonny Chiba as Terry Sugury, Gerald Yamada (Waichi Yamada) as Ratnose, Doris Nakajima (Yutaka Nakajima) as Sarai, Tony Cetera as Jadot, King Stone as Mr. Kingstone, Masashi Ishibashi as Junjou, Teijo Shikeharo as a thug, Akira Shioji as Yana, Johnny Osamn (Osman Yusuf) as a thug,

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The guardian of the rich heiress

Part four
OH my... did I just see that. Yeeesh.... this is really getting disgusting. Terry makes a daring rescue - only to get caught in a game of Russian Roulette... I remembered the scenes from The Deer Hunter with Christopher Walken and Robert DeNiro - which was of course, a million times more frightening.

Terry is on the wrong end of a game of Russian Roulette

Part five
The big finish - as Terry takes on about 50 guys on a huge oil tanker and then has a fight to the finish with a super duper bad guy - who is so evil, he is willing to kill his sister in order to get Terry.

A brother and sister team are looking to get even - because Terry killed their other brother by tossing him out a window

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