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First Spaceship To Venus (1959) - Color - 80 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents this Science fiction classic - First Spaceship to Venus. This classic East German film - originally named Der Schweigende Stern (also named Raumschiff Venus antwortet nicht) was made in 1959 and the cinemamatic portrayal of computers and space travel is really a remarkable feat. The spaceship looks like a sleek Space Shuttle - looking more like a cool airplane than a rocketship. The computers are also very cool - and a must see for all geeks and techies.

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First Spaceship To Venus
Directed by - Hugo Grimaldi & Kurt Maetzig

(1959) - Color - 80 min

Part one
Intro, Color, title screens, credits, etc. The film begins with scientists wondering about a mtsterious spool - which has got to be something that was lost in translation - a spool, say what? Anyway - they determine this spool is from Venus, so i guess we better send a spaceship out there to see what's up.

The cool robot - looks like it might be R-1, D-1 - Star Wars' R2D2's daddy

Sweet Space Suits - that go well the the Nehru jackets, yes?

Part two
Oh no - we soon learn that the Venutians (people from Venus, i think?) were not trying to peacefully communicate - oh no- they were trying to take over our planet. A ton of killer scenes with brilliant scientist working banks of computers, in the latest in space wear fashion. Make sure you see the blog entry on this film to better understand.

The bald guy - picture 1

Part three
Oh my - this movie is really getting weird - a big mistake that leads to a nuclear disaster, robots crawling around the planet and the plot doesn't thicken - it begins to set like a piece of jello. What the heck is going on - and what about the Spool?

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First Spaceship To Venus
Directed by - Hugo Grimaldi & Kurt Maetzig

Starring - Oldrich Lukes as Harringway, Yoko Tani Sumiko Omigura, Julius Ongewe as Talua, Ignacy Machowski as Orloff, Michail N. Postnikow as Durand, Kurt Rackelmann as Sikarna, G?nther Simon as Brinkman, Lucyna Winnicka as Joan Moran, Tang Hua-Ta as Tchen Yu,

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The East Germans who made this film had a really hard time getting their contrast right. This poor black man looks like the blackest man on Earth!

Part four
How will it end - will we ever learn what happened to the deniznes of Venus? And will the crew leave the one Black man stranded on Venus? (shades of James Whitmore is a classic Twilight Zone episode, huh? Anyway... check out the exciting conclusion for yourself. And while you're at it - the crazy music video from Unknown Hinson really adds to the appreciation of the cult classic sci-fi film.

The characters are killer!

Bald guy - picture 2 woo woo!

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Blast off - great FX!

The Fearless crew does a promo shot for the press

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Love that bandage job. Where Bones (McCoy from Star Trek) when you need him?

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